When decorating a kids room, obnoxiously colored walls don’t have to be your first step.

In fact, we believe that keeping walls white or gray and adding in smaller bits of color gives you even more possibilities to make a kids room creative and playful. That, and it will keep you from repainting when they outgrow lime green or Barbie pink walls in three years. Trust us.

When it comes to finding colorful accents, first consider what your child already has. Children’s books and stuffed animals are often fun colors, so put them in a place that doubles as decor. Wall decals, bedding, and rugs all can add color and pattern to a kids room, but can be easily changed with age.

Here are 28 ideas for a neutral-based kids room:

Image: Danielle Sykes Photography

Bright Books

This kids room comes to life with shelving that showcases a children’s book collection. This makes the books easier to access, looks organized, and the covers add bright colors to an otherwise neutral room. Once the kids are grown, swapping out the toys and books for other accent pieces is simple.

Diamond Removable Wallpaper

This pick of diamond removable wallpaper adds a bit of whimsy but looks adult enough to redecorate the room for a growing girl.

Scandinavian-Inspired Decals

A few triangles go a long way on these white walls. With an all black, white and wood color palette, this room remains youthful with cartoonish accent pieces. Where can we get a big cloud pillow for ourselves?

Vibrant Furniture and Accessories

This bedframe is a funky statement piece that says “big girl” without saying “too big”. A decal, a floral pillow, and touches of color make this kids room sweet and simple.

Perfectly Patterned

The collection of children’s books and mixing of patterns on this bed compliment the cool tones in the rest of the kids room, leading to a youthful-yet-sophisticated style.

Touches of Turquoise

 The bedframe, the curtains, the record player — the details in this modern bohemian bedroom make it bold without being overwhelming. We love the sheets, too.

The New Nautical

This bed is literally stacked, and we love it. Nautical goes whimsical while a pile of patterns on a bright white canvas. The blueprints in their yellow frames complement the space perfectly.

Geometric Dreamin’

A mix of geometric prints, a flying washi tape airplane, and a few knick-knacks turn this kids room into a space to dream and create.

Shaped Up

The accents of triangles, stripes, and circles in this room add interest and playfulness to this Scandinavian space.

All About Orange

Someone loves foxes, and we love this room. Though highly modern, the wood paneling, teepee-style bookshelf, and “tent bed” make this room positively kiddish and outdoorsy.

Simply Beachy

If there’s one example of the power of accent pieces, this is it. Throw blankets and pillows bring out the colors of a tropical print, and the result is a kids room as tranquil as the beach itself.

Room for Three

When three’s company, the room needs to be good. Platform and lofted beds save space and look simple, leaving accent pieces such as books and pillows to create the kid-vibes.


Neon Nautical

Nautical styles often take on a stuffy and elite aesthetic. This kids room changed that with a with a neon orange desk and accent pieces.

Space to dream

Even without the diamond wallpaper, the sweet collection of pillows and stuffed animals under this dreamy canopy would make almost any kid love naptime.

Touches of Love

Tiny bits of red go a long way in this bedroom. Every accent piece is dainty and adds a tiny bit of color. Except the bear.

Patterned Pink

Though the walls are neutral, this room is packed with colors and patterns that pop. Even teenage girls wouldn’t mind sharing this room.

Go for Garland 

Pink textiles and a strand of feminine garland are all this gray room needs to become the perfect place for a growing girl.

Butterfly Walls

A bold wallpaper can be mostly monotoned and still make a big statement in a kids room.

Cottage-Styled Bedroom

So many sweet accent pieces in this room, but we love the ombre dresser, bed pillows, and pompom rug.

Here Comes the Sun

A statement wall does just that, and does it exceptionally well with the addition of a sun and a few pillowy-cloud decals. Call it the room of our dreams.

3D Butterfly Collage

A little overwhelming, but amazingly beautiful. These butterflies stick onto walls like decals. Meaning they look great on, but come off without a fight.

A Trunk Show

Hanging tutus and other dress up clothes puts them at easy reach for imaginative kids, and decorates the space beautifully at the same time.

Stuffed Shelves

Stuffed animals and brightly colored book spines add youthfulness to a contemporary bedroom.

A True Gallery Wall

This bright white bedroom gets a heavy dose of color with an array of original artwork, bright books, and punches of color in the furniture and rug.

Positively Pink

Pink and teal go together like peanut butter and jelly. We can’t even single out a favorite part of this girly space.

Nature-Loving Nursery

The eye is immediately drawn to the silhouetted pine tree decals, but the rustic accents in the rest of this nursery (like the unique crib textiles) make it feel like a modern cabin.

Bright Birch Decals

The tree decals are a bit more subtle in this nursery, where white pops on gray walls. Colorful birds add playfulness and warmer hues.

Fruity Fun

Got some plain white walls? Why not dress them up with some watermelon decals? Carrying the whimsy of the walls are heavily patterned beds in warm colors, and a modern nightstand both kids and adults go crazy for.

What fun colors and accessories have defined your kids room ideas? We’d love to hear from you, so leave us a comment below!