Opus Architekten completed the design of Nursery +E, a modern nursery project developed for the Town council of the City of Marburg, Germany. The new building comes with a total surface of 1100 square feet and displays an intricate modern architecture: “With the ground floor partly built right into the slope, the compact, two-storied building attracts attention with its folded glass facade towards the meadow and the also multiply folded roof. This striking exterior shape results in a high recognition value, not only for reasons of design but also to create an energy-plus house.” Solar panels are integrated in the folding facade, perfectly aligned to attract as much energy as possible.

The modern nursery offers five group rooms for about 50 children: “On the ground floor are two group rooms and a multi-function room next to the entrance. In the back, below-ground area, on the other hand, are the technology- and the housekeeping- as well as the storage rooms, a kitchen and a staff room with an atrium in-between. On the upper level are the other three group rooms. All the group rooms were similarly designed and two groups each at the most share a differentiating area.” With plenty of glass openings and mirrored surfaces, the building reflects shades of green and wood. This makes for a good integration within the landscape, despite the avant-garde shape. [Photographs: Eibe Sönnecken]