Located on a beautiful hillside with panoramic views of the Cairngorm Mountains and the Spey Valley in Scotland, Torispardon is a surprising home design implemented by Architects Stuart Archer and Liz Marinko. The project is a rehabilitation of an old cottage and steading located on the site: “Due to the state of disrepair it was decided to rebuild these two structures maintaining their massing and footprint. Early on in the design process it was decided to introduce a third contemporary structure, the Link, and join the three buildings together with glass. To nestle the new buildings into their context, the Steading is sunk partially in the ground, cutting into the land behind as it rises; the Link also has a retaining wall to the rear of it to emphasize the same effect”, explained the architects

Each of the three volumes has its special function: the Cottage accommodates guests and can be closed when not required, the timber Link houses the main entrance, utility and kitchen, and the Steading has the master suite and living areas. Frameless glass elements are employed to visually separate the three buildings, whilst allowing them to physically interact.

The designers opted for a flexible layout, in order to serve the living needs of a varying number of guests throughout the year: “From the Link, there are a few steps down into the Steading which reveals a double height living space with vaulted roof, sunk slightly into the ground. The sitting area has a large corner window with deep oak reveals that allow guests to sit and look over the landscape beyond. A staircase leads to a mezzanine snug at 1stfloor with access to a stone clad balcony. To the rear of the Steading there is the master bedroom with dressing, ensuite and 1st floor study with balcony.” [Information provided by Architects Stuart Archer and Liz Marinko; Photography: David Barbour]