64 Stunningly Scandinavian Interior Designs

It’s straightforward while remaining ultra-functional. It celebrates natural light in a place that can go many months with very little sun. It there anything as stunningly simple as a Scandinavian interior?

Known for its simplicity, function, and connection to the outdoors, the appeal and possibility of Scandinavian design has spread it all over the world. AKA, much more than just IKEA.

See our 64 favorite Scandinavian interior ideas below.

Image: Bohemian Nordic Interior

This minimalistic kitchen finds creative ways to draw the eye outside — especially with its round window.

Image:  Bohemian Nordic Interior

Grey grout lines keep this bathroom from appearing too sterile or modern, while large cut flowers break up all of the inorganic lines.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

Thought Scandinavian style meant white walls? This grey living room proves otherwise.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

The classic Eames chair has a place in every Nordic-style home.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

A primarily white studio gets a northernly touch with earth accent pieces, such as natural textiles and live plants.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

A light slate gray is both striking and calming in this sleek kitchen.

Image: Bohemian Nordic Interior

What’s a cozy Scandinavian home without a fireplace and a good book to read?

Image: Bohemian Nordic Interior

A glimpse of this attic abode showcases the ease of Scandinavian down time.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

A dramatic set of prints plays backdrop in this bright, slightly-mismatched dining room.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

A dining space that embodies Nordic style: showcasing the outdoors.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

Here, shades of gray take on a warm aesthetic with layers of textile and light.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

A large picture window centers this space — and makes washing dishes more tolerable.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

This living room, draped in shades of gray, captures monochromatic style at its best.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

This studio keeps things simple by using a curtain to hide a packed bookshelf. It adds dimension to the space without weighing it down.

Image: 30s Magazine

Think kid’s rooms can’t be Nordic-style? This whimsical bedroom proves otherwise.

Image: 30s Magazine

This Scandinavian space mixes things up with decor — repurposing a ladder for a magazine rack, and caged pendant for a desk light.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

This room doesn’t feature many pops of color, and yet exudes richness and depth.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

A good leather sofa can take you a long way. This living and dining room also show how a sofa can easily become a focal point.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

Mixing patterns and textures in a space allow monochromatic styles to succeed.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

From an unused corner to a sweet-but-simple desk space. Light, untreated wood speaks to the Scandinavian style that has been popular for centuries.

Image: House of Beatniks

Let the light shine in! This kitchen and dining space balance overall simplicity without giving up attention to the details.

Image: Whiting Architects

Part-nordic, part-nautical. This refurbished kitchen and dining space seems to come straight from the Scandinavian coast.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

A warm gray changes the tone of this city studio to become an earthy, cozy home.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

A few plants, a fuzzy blanket, and abundant natural light — perfection.

Image: UP Interiors

This unconventional kitchen doesn’t distract from its unique architecture. Instead, it stays simple and adds a few pops of mint green.

Image: 30s Magazine

Because not every child’s room has to be filled with neon colors and toys.

Image: Best of Scandinavia

Vintage faucets and modern countertops create a unique look, while the color scheme assures the timelessness of the style.

Image: Bask Interiors

Fishscale tile is the new tile-style of modern Nordic design-lovers. What do you think?

Image: Trends Studio

An unconventional bedroom finds its peace with neutral colors and intentional accessories.

Image: myadele online UG

Rattan chairs and a wicker pendant light infuse a bit of the tropics into this Scandinavian interior.

Image: myadele online UG

This simple home office has got a case of the blues in the best way.

Image: Falken Reynolds Interiors

With an antler chandelier, themed artwork and natural accents, this open kitchen and dining space is positively Nordic.

Image: Malin Simson Interior

This home is nearly 50 shades of gray, stringing together styles and textures that are far from cringe-worthy.

Image: Inne

This modern space gives a nod to the iconic color palette and furnishings of Scandinavian interior design.

Image: Laura Larkin Design

Nordic heritage comes alive in the city in this bright, black-and-white loft.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

One of our favorites, this home oozes with comfort, dressed in a cascading color palette from the kitchen to the living room.

Image: Studio Esinam

Every nordic interior need a good graphic poster on the wall.

Image: Varianti

This spa-like bathroom takes a page from Swedish bathhouses while embracing Feng Shui design ideas.

Image: Stefani Stein Inc.

Cathedral ceilings increase the wow-factor in this nordic space that carries hints of mid-century modernism.

Image: VK Bathrooms

Hexagon tiles break the traditional subway style we often see in Nordic bathrooms.

Image: SALA Architects

Black and tan pair perfectly in Scandinavian interior style. The black hardware completes the look on bright cabinetry.

Image: Stefani Stein Inc.

This curated spot drives Scandinavian interior style with natural wood countertops and white walls.

Image: skalso

This well-accented spot seems to the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Image: Design by Us Interiors

Or this quirky library, complete with parquet-style flooring.

Image: Adrienne Chinn

In fact, blue is a common non-neutral color used in Nordic culture.

Image: Architecture for London

This modern Scandinavian kitchen gets a dose of color from slightly unconventional dining room chairs.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

The Eames chair never disappoints in a Scandinavian interior.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

Plants add a needed dose of green to this charming gray space.

Image: Anders Bergstedt Photography

This home contrasts old and new by bringing Nordic design ideas into a space with existing character.

Image: Kenneth Walter

This area’s style makes room for company with a vast array of seating options.

Image: JLB Property Developments

A stunning dark wall compliments the shower of light in this small home office space.

Image: Scandinavian Homes

The textures of this tiles and accent pieces in this bathroom make the space elegant and timeless.

Are you at Scandinavian interior design lover? What is your favorite way to add Nordic design flair to your home? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!