Modern And Inspiring Interior Displaying Concrete Pillars by Studiomobile

This bright and inspiring interior was designed by Studiomobile, in San Donà di Piave, near Venice, Italy. The penthouse apartment, located in a residential building from the 1960s, features an open floor plan and a wide terrace, that offers wonderful panoramic views over the surroundings. During the hot summer days, the terrace becomes the extension of the living room, favouring a seamless transition between the environments. Breezy and modern, the lovely Casa F/H displays concrete pillars, adding a touch of industrial “glam”, to this cozy and bright apartment.

The white furniture, integrated into the wall, makes the apartment look more spacious than it actually is. The floor-to-ceiling furniture enhances the feeling of breeziness. As you walk throughout the house, you have this feeling, that you can’t avoid these decorative concrete pillars. If there is one particular thing that characterises this living space, that is definitely the white minimalism. Glossy surfaces and natural oak wood complete the décor.