Massive Three-Level Family Residence in South Korea: H House

Located in Seoul, South Korea and envisioned by design group bang by min, the H-House resembles a modern fortress. When developing it, the architects were confronted with a few challenges: “The site of H-House had the slope ground where the front level is lower with about 8m than the back level, which became a problem in designing. Besides this physical problem, the architect had more difficulties with the client’s demands ; to create a house for three generations, a house with good daylighting and ventilation on the basement and the first floor“.

The result is an originally-shaped structure, with functionally separate levels placed in a “stack”. Different from every standpoint, the house is a display of modern creativity in architecture. The project is divided into three floors and a commercial unit for rent on the basement level. All the interiors are defined by space and design minimalism. Embark on a virtual tour and tell us what you think!