L-shaped Residence in Mexico Showcasing Bright Interior Spaces

AA House, designed by Mexican office Parque Humano, is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Displaying an L-shaped floor plan with the living and dining room in the centre, the AA House is organized around an exterior landscaped space, designed by Pamela Burton. The rest of the rooms are arranged in a row, to capture as much outside views as possible thorough floor to ceiling windows. Overhangs provide shade and minimise glare, while the brick construction stands tall, reinforced by a steel structure. The architects describe the residence as follows: “This house is an exploration on the trace of a variety of formal and architectural lineages in the ongoing transformation of the modern dwelling that ranges from Neutra´s Kaufmann House to the Case Study Housing Program. This house was designed as a man-made pavilion for observing and living in close proximity to nature.” With a pool reflecting the passing clouds and sunshine, the house has everything you could even need to live a modern, comfortable life, don’t you think?