Located on the eastern coastline of Taiwan and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, A’tolan House by Create + Think Design Studio seamlessly integrates organic elements with contemporary design in this innovative seaside home.

The essence of the design is in the use of local traditional architectural techniques — the practice of incorporating rocks from the excavation site to create multiple levels and layering walls, similar to rice patty terraces. The word “A’tolan” is a native Taiwanese expression for “a house made of rocks”.

The three levels of the property follow the shape of the coastline and gradually descend towards the sea: the driveway and front yard start at the highest part of the terrain, the living spaces take up the middle level, and the swimming pool, deck and lawn are located below. A living roof featuring various species of plants serves as a walking plateau and lounge deck.

With floor-to-ceiling glass openings in almost every room, an optimum indoor-outdoor relationship was achieved throughout. Sweeping views of the sea can be enjoyed from the swimming pool deck, the al fresco dining area next to the open foyer, and from the multipurpose terrace. [Photos provided by Create + Think Design Studio]

What’s your favorite element of this innovative seaside home?