”Platinum, gold, copper, steel — as long as they’ve got metallic sheen, they go together in our book,” House Beautiful said in its 2016 trend report. “It’s bling like you’ve never seen before.” We agree wholeheartedly.

Metals like copper and steel have been on trend for some time now and are considered classics, but the new addition of rose gold to the metal mix has lightened up the look. A perfect example is Apple’s addition of rose gold to its iPhone 6 offerings.

Rose gold couldn’t be a more perfect addition to tie in the mixed-metal look that’s coming in so strong for 2016. It’s made from a mixture of copper and gold alloy that’s warm yet modern. And it works perfectly with the colors of the year, including Pantone’s soft pastels and the leading paint companies’ off-whites.

When brass and gold started showing up in design magazines, the vibe was altogether retro. Adding a combination of metallic tones to the brass and gold look updates a room by elevating it from “Mad Men” vintage to 21st-century chic.

The fearless combination of metals adds a little sparkle and elegance to your home’s decor. And the combination is essential — gold and brass warm up the chilly effect of silver and platinum.

The best way to add the mixed-metal trend to your home is in small doses. A lamp or lighting fixture is the best way to add impact to a space. And whether it comes in the form of gilt, leafing, patina or mirrors, it’s not about in-your-face shine and sparkle, but more about luster and glow.

Here are some of the most striking ways to mix this trend into your home.

Exercise Restraint

If you love the metal trend so much you intend to use it boldly, keep the finishes subtle. Choose one high-gloss mirrored surface (such as the side table shown above) while selecting larger metal pieces that have a matte or hand-hewn look to them.

Balance the Mix

The gold-leaf wall panel offsets the high-gloss silver elements beautifully in the bedroom above. Think about the metals as yin and yang: combine shiny and matte, dark and light, warm and cool tones to create harmony and balance.

Start Small

There’s no need to spend a fortune on adding the metal look to your home in a permanent way. The kitchen above is successful because of the copper bar stools, metallic pendant and rose gold votive holder on the dining table. And adding smaller metallic elements in the form of accessories is a lot less expensive than an entire copper appliance suite.

Mix, Don’t Match

This living room has several metal elements: the sectional has chrome legs, a pendant lamp is brushed black pewter, and then there’s that striking gold table lamp in the corner. The combination of the three may not have sounded like a good idea on paper, but they work beautifully as an eclectic expression, illustrating that matching is sometimes boring.

Keep Other Features Simple

The white backdrop of this open kitchen/dining space is a perfect color for the oversized rose gold pendants to shine. The chrome touches on the bar stools and dining chairs soften the wood tones of the dining table. Notice the balanced metal mix — the combination of brushed stainless steel (in the form of appliances) with polished chrome and the reflective pendants looks up to date.

Look for Unexpected Combos

Metal elements are the most obvious way to mix metals in a room. But if you look closely in the photo of the dining area above, you’ll find that some interesting alternatives were incorporated, including:

  • Wallpaper
  • Metallic paint
  • Glass accessories with a stamped metallic pattern
  • Curtains with a sheen, such as dupioni silk

Given all of the metal options available for your home, don’t be afraid to add one or two to your existing space. Mixing metals adds instant luxe to your space. Which combination is your favorite?