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Mandarin, pumpkin spice, sunset, warm persimmon … these are all paint color names for orange. Orange is a contemporary, fun and warm color, but it can be tricky to decorate with — until now. Here are some orange decorating ideas to inspire you! You’ll be an expert on how to decorate with orange to add some contemporary flair and warmth to a room.

So, how to get started decorating with orange? First off, you don’t have to spend a fortune or redo your house to add orange. The color works beautifully with earth tones and neutrals such as taupes, beiges and greys. It’s such a vibrant and eye-catching tone that a little can go a long way. You don’t have to commit to a fully orange room. Choose a few elements instead, like the images below.

Decorating with pumpkin spice in the bedroom

One of the easiest ways to add a little (pumpkin) spice into your life is by adding some orange to the bedroom. Start with some throw pillows and a blanket, or a bench or orange foot stool. Decorating with orange by adding these small elements isn’t expensive. You can warm up your bedroom on a budget.

An exotic, Moroccan-inspired bedroom features orange spice accents. Image: Dorothee Junkin Design Studio

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Modern and lively orange accents create a happy-chic style. Image: Zoe Wighton

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Here’s how to decorate with orange wallpaper

Since spice or orange can be such a strong statement, wallpaper only one wall in the orange pattern. Doing so will create an intimate focal point for the room that you can then work with to sprinkle more touches of orange throughout the space.

A single accent wall of a bold orange wallpaper works with navy, tan and white patterns. Image: Waris

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A wall of muted spice grasscloth wallpaper adds a sophisticated and exotic feel to this luxurious bedroom. Image: Niche Interiors

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Orange decorating ideas featuring an area rug

Anchor a space with a sumptuous, earthy orange or spice color by adding an area rug. As shown in the images below, the tone works well with both light neutrals and rich charcoal greys and blacks.

An understated, transitional den is transformed into a rich, exotic lounge area thanks to the beautiful orange area rug. Image: Sean Litchfield

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A modern white and orange patterned area rug adds light and life into this masculine living room. Image: Maven Interiors

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Change a room’s personality with window treatments

One of the quickest ways to change the look of a room quickly is by switching out or adding curtains. Perhaps you like the windows bare in the summer or to display white gauze curtains. Why not add heavier-weight orange spice curtains for the fall and winter? They’ll not only warm up the space physically but the room will also look warmer and more inviting, too.

The orange curtain panels draw the eye to the beautiful alcove they line. Image: Elgin and Ellis

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The color combination of orange, creams, beiges and taupe create a warm and modern color palette. Image: Budget Blinds

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How to choose the right orange paint color

There are many orange shades and tones available. How do you choose the right orange paint color? Choose a deeply saturated orange that is either bright and vibrant or rich and earthy. Avoid lighter, less saturated tones, which may look chalky.

When painting with orange, a matte or eggshell paint sheen works better for an interior. Paint only one wall or an alcove in the bold color and repeat the orange color in the room via home accents, furniture pieces or accessories.

The spice-color wall is repeated in the throw pillows on the sofa. Image: Stedila Design

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Paint the interior of an alcove in a bold, vibrant orange for a fresh, modern look. Image: Patterson Construction

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A rich pumpkin spice is painted on two living room walls to create an intimate nook. The color is repeated in the two striking chairs across from the wall, as well as in smaller home accents and accessories. Image: House Beautiful

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A light and contemporary room in a trio of colors: orange, grey and white. Image: Colin and Justin

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How to decorate with orange home accents

There are many affordable and interesting orange home accents you can work with. Mix and match a few for a completed space. Home accent options include:

Throw pillows

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Wall art

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Lamps and lighting fixtures

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Ottomans and benches

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Art objects

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Throw blankets

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Side tables

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Vivid orange throw pillows create striking contrast to the cool greys of this rustic contemporary living room. Image: Concept Saltin

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Orange pendant lamps add a cheerful vibe to a transitional open kitchen space. Image: Katie Rosenfeld Design

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A well-balanced variety of orange home accents include wall art, throw pillows, an area rug and porcelain vases. Image: Masterpiece Interiors

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A small number of orange home accents makes a big impact. Image: Stephenson Collective

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The color orange works well with a variety of neutrals as well as yellows, greens and blues. Image: Tobi Fairley

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Orange decorating ideas featuring accent furniture

Choosing a modern, orange lounge chair or cool, contemporary bar stools makes decorating with orange a no-brainer. You can’t go wrong with orange seating; orange works with nearly any other color.

Orange contemporary bar stools tie in perfectly with the warm wood kitchen. Image: Axis Mundi

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A pair of orange lounge chairs are unexpected but perfect in this bright, modern living room. Image: Green Couch

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Orange leather dining chairs are carried forward into the large vertical art canvas that adds height to the dining room. Image: Diego Alejandro Design

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What’s your favorite way to decorate with orange?