LAMA Architects completed the renovation and extension of G3 House in Otopeni, Romania. The owners wanted their 1,076-square-foot home — which had a basement, ground floor, second floor and attic — to gain more space with a modern twist.

“The core of this project is the modern reinterpretation of the traditional pitched-roof house,” the architects said. “We wanted to create a dialogue between the two volumes, between past and present.” The project team decided to preserve the look and feel of the old house and add an origami-like modern extension.

“The additional volume was designed to contain an airy living room area, while the original house would incorporate the remaining necessary spaces for a family home,” the architects said. “The two volumes were placed on a large wooden deck to create continuity. An extension of the deck also hosts the pool, the terrace and a garden space.”

A variety of materials and textures make the home, now 1,937 square feet, engaging and comfortable. Exposed concrete, wooden beams salvaged from the original building, silver travertine plates and oak floors combine to create inviting interiors. [Photography by Radu Malașincu]