Surfside Projects + Lloyd Russell completed an original residence in California that pays homage to the coastal style. Avocado Acres House stands out thanks to its bold geometry and welcoming outdoor spaces.

“A sloping curved shed roof unifies the three pavilions that define the U-shape plan and courtyard space,” the architects said. “Throughout the interior a constant engagement to the outdoors gives the building a grandeur that belies the home’s small footprint. It’s single level living spaces, privacy from the street and functional layout for the inhabitants is the soul of our design strategy.”

As you step inside, you see an array of colorful spaces, bursting with personality. Natural wood tones on the vaulted ceiling, flooring and cabinetry contrast with the concrete finishes in the living area. Surfboards on display and framed artistic works add to the holiday feel of the place.

“The floor plan consists of three defined areas joined in a U shape where each volume programs directly to the outdoor courtyard,” the designers added. “Tall sliding glass walls vanish into wall pockets and clerestory glazing that entirely wraps above the main living space provides plenty of natural light.” Photography courtesy of Surfside Projects.