The historic buildings within Deventer’s repurposed industrial harbor have been given new meaning as a social and cultural meeting place.  Among the renovated warehouses and other redefined spaces, Studio MAKS constructed Deventer House, a bright, boxy home for a young couple.

With minimal space, the architect constructed a modern home that makes optimal use of its 1184-square foot design.  This includes the addition of numerous built-in features, like a wardrobe, seating areas, and working space in the kitchen.

Large windows and white walls make the space feel bright and open.  At the same time, the exterior has a sturdy appearance that matches its surroundings well.  The architect described this combination as resulting in “clear cut open spaces surrounded by an activated building mass.”

This light, clean look is a perfect complement to efforts to reinvigorate the formerly industrial harbor quarter.  Its offers its young couple owners a modern home surrounded by other innovative designs. [Photography by Christian Van der Kooy, information courtesy of Studio MAKS and Architecture Insight]