The creative team at Hillam Architects took on the challenge of upgrading a 1980s-era home in Perth, Australia. Despite the array of additions and alterations, some original elements of the old house were kept intact, such as the curved element on the second floor.

The exterior showcases intriguing color contrasts: white for the canopy framing the entry, black timber for the second level. Against the backdrop of the green manicured lawn and blue swimming pool, it makes for an eye-catching design.

The second-floor terraces offer views of the courtyard, pool, hot tub and outdoor kitchen. It’s clear that this home was designed for entertaining.

The exterior color palette seamlessly flows indoors, where wood was used extensively for a welcoming effect. A minimalist, highly functional black-and-white kitchen is the highlight of the open-plan living area.

Hillam Architects’ mission is “to design and create stylish and imaginative buildings in which form and function work together in perfect partnership.” Think this home in Perth fits the profile?  [Photography by Joel Barbitta]