“Life in a high-tech format” was the concept behind this unique home in Germany, built by an engineer in the fields where he once played as a child. Convinced by architect Harald Eppler of Eppler + Bühler, the owner opted for a timeless, modern design in tune with his personality.

Some of the client’s requirements — space for his collection of cars and motorbikes, a pitched flat roof and a metal facade — helped shape the design of Haus Stahl. The building is made up of two offset volumes, which accommodate four levels total.

“The structure of the facade, with hand-finished and pre-weathered titanium-zinc panels, makes optimum use of the sun’s daily transit,” Eppler said. The facade is closed to the northeast, where it faces neighboring homes, but is open to the south and west.

The base concrete volume, connected to a swimming pool, hosts the spacious garages, a wine cellar and a fitness area. Upon entering the house, you can see the rally motorbike, one of the owner’s favorite collection pieces.

Organized in an open space, the living room and kitchen are distinguished by slightly different heights. The bedrooms and a light-flooded bathroom are located on the top floor.

The home’s high-tech features include individual lighting scenarios, an underfloor heating system and complex audio integration, all controllable via iPhone or iPad.

“The building technology is visualized, operated and monitored via a large touch panel that has been installed centrally in the house,” said the engineers at Gira, which designed the home’s electrical and technical components. [Photography by Ulrich Beuttenmüller]