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As more and more people are starting to think about how their actions affect the environment, we’re seeing a major shift towards eco-friendliness. People are recycling, reusing, composting — the list goes on. And, no surprise here, we’ve seen the biggest shifts where changes are easiest to make.

I’m no different. But the transition hasn’t been entirely easy. See, I’m a clean freak, too. My apartment needs to look and feel pristine at all times, to the point that I drive my husband crazy. So while I’ve been trying to transition away from chemical-based cleaners in single-use plastic bottles, it hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I really miss the aerosol can of who-knows-what I used to clean my mirrors. That is, until I discovered Grove Collaborative.

Grove Collaborative is a subscription service you can truly customize. Image courtesy of Grove Collaborative.

What is Grove Collaborative?

If you like to keep your place tidy and you also care about the earth, I have good news for you. Grove Collaborative exists. It’s a customizable auto-shipment service that can send you pretty much any eco-friendly product you need to lead your best, cleanest and healthiest life. Their shipments automatically go out monthly, but you can customize the schedule to your needs.

I mean, hey, if you’re lucky enough to have a grocery store that stocks your favorite earth-friendly multipurpose cleaner, recycled plastic loofah, compostable cleaning wipes, tree-free paper towels and soy candles. Good for you. Seriously, I’m jealous. But what used to be a one-stop shop for me quickly evolved into running all around town to get the various goods I needed from the sources I wanted. And who has time for that?

Enter Grove Collaborative. I can’t believe I didn’t find them sooner.

How Grove Collaborative works

The concept is pretty simple. It’s sort of like a subscription box à la BarkBox or BirchBox, but instead of getting random items curated for you, you get what you actually need. And instead of getting it once a month, you get it when you actually need it.

Essentially, you keep a cart running of your essentials at all times. Need something? Add it to your cart and it’ll ship with your next Grove Collaborative box. Suddenly seem to have a surplus of paper towels? Pull them out of your cart and they won’t ship, even if they’ve been a staple in your past orders. You can also adjust — or even pause — your auto-shipment whenever you want. Oh, and the best part? Grove Collaborative will email you before your shipment goes out so you can make any necessary adjustments.

They’re a certified B Corp, meaning you can trust that they’re going to do good for the planet, people and animals. They back every product they sell with their Grove standard, meaning each one is “healthy, effective, eco-friendly and affordable.” Their products fall into four main categories:

  • Household
  • Personal Care
  • Baby & Kids
  • Pets

They also offer a VIP program. It’s $20 a year that scores you free shipping and returns, plus early access to their new products and some fun gifts here and there.

Grove Collaborative has a wide variety of household products available. Image provided by Kacie Goff.

Their shipping method

I was vaguely aware of Grove Collaborative before I actually tried them for myself, but I’d always glossed over them because it just didn’t make sense to me. If I’m trying to be eco-friendly, why would I ship something to my house? At that point, the carbon footprint of the shipment pretty much negates my using environmentally sustainable products, right?

Actually, no. Grove Collaborative carbon offsets all of their shipments, and a portion of every single shipment goes to the Arbor Day Foundation to be used for planting trees.

My Grove Collaborative shipment

This all sounds good — in theory. But what about the products? Are they worth it? I got a shipment myself to find out. In my first Grove Collaborative box, I received:

  • Glass Cleaning Concentrate Tube
  • Microfiber All-Purpose Cloth
  • White Matte Caddy
  • Lavender + Oatmeal Bar Soap
  • Tree-free bath tissue
  • Tree-free facial tissue
  • Walnut Scrubber Sponges
  • Tree-free paper towels
  • Fog Gray Kitchen Towel
  • Seafoam Spray Bottle with Silicone Sleeve
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Hand Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Dish Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Bubble Up Dish Brush Set
  • Stoneware Tray

Would their glass cleaner measure up? Image provided by Kacie Goff.

Did it work?

Yeah, it was a big box. I knew the Mrs. Meyer’s stuff would be a slam dunk. I love their products (they smell seriously amazing). But I was less sure about the glass cleaner (remember my longing for my hyper-chemical-based aerosol spray?) and tree-free “paper” products.

The first product to wow me was the Bubble Up Dish Brush set, which is made with renewable bamboo, recycled plastic and a replaceable brush. That thing rocks. It’s super comfortable to use and I think I’m saving a ton of soap with its clever design.

Next up on my impressed-me list is the glass cleaner. It’s a tiny little tube (minimal waste, yay!) that you empty into a spray bottle of water. Shake it up and you’re ready to go. Okay, I will admit, it takes a little more work than my oft-mentioned aerosol glass cleaner to get your glass super sparkling, but it’s about a million times better than the water/vinegar mix I was using before. And the microfiber cloth helps, too.

I will say the products I wish I loved, but didn’t, are the tree-free paper product replacements. The paper towels and face tissues aren’t bad, to be honest, but the toilet paper is less than ideal. Like, a lot less. If you’re really trying to cut your paper waste, I’d say go for the bidet installation (you can get them on Amazon, people!) instead.

At the very least, get yourself the Bubble Up Dish Brush Set. Image provided by Kacie Goff.

Try Grove Collaborative for yourself

Writing this article “forced” me to check out Grove Collaborative. And now that I have, I’m never going back. I’m currently loading my cart with all their nifty laundry products. So, yes, I would definitely recommend them.

And if you want to take Grove Collaborative for a spin, we’ve got a perk for you. You can start your Grove experience today and get a free Home Bundle with your first purchase of $20+.

Here’s to to all my fellow earth-loving clean freaks!