Creative offices should be just that, as those who think outside the box for a living need an imaginative space to thrive. This growing graphic & product design office, a project by Terry.Terry Architecture , has accomplished this perfectly. It is located within an existing brick building in the Jackson Square Historic District of San Francisco, California, USA.

The design required the removal of the existing interior structure, while leaving the existing perimeter brick walls and the original front facade intact. A second story volume was added above the original floor. It opens out to a roof deck which brings elements of the outdoors into the office. A steel ribbon surrounds the front facade to create a large bay window and entry shroud, forming a looking glass from the workplace to the busy street life this neighborhood provides.

The main graphic design office space and conference areas are located on the first floor, while the second level hosts additional office space and exhibition venues. The new addition (above) straddles the existing structure and provides an informal conference area that is adjacent to the modern kitchen and outdoor deck space.

A series of steel frames are used as the primary support structure throughout the building. This is to seismically brace the existing brick walls as well as to collect the additional loads of the new second story. Both the roof plane and roof deck have been peeled back slightly from the perimeter walls to create skylight openings, which allow natural light to spill into the core of the building.

Enjoy the virtual gallery of this graphic design office below and let us know what you think! [Photos and information provided by Terry.Terry Architecture]