If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your kitchen, keep an eye out for the latest kitchen trend: glass door refrigerators. They’re hot in Europe, which means the trend should be landing stateside shortly. Brands like Balay, GE, SubZero and Fisher & Paykel all have a version of a glass panel refrigerator available.

The pros

Why should you swap out your stainless or color refrigerator for one with glass panel doors? Durability. Compared to metals like stainless steel, glass door refrigerators don’t dent or scratch as easily, especially if you use a soft towel or gentle glass cleaners. Their sheen makes them look brand new for years to come. Glass door refrigerators come in a variety of glass panel styles ranging from high-gloss colored glass to frosted glass to stainless steel doors with a clear glass window insert.

The cons

Glass door refrigerators tend to show fingerprints easily, much like stainless steel fridges. And if you choose to go with a clear glass panel door, be prepared to be ultra-organized, since refrigerator contents will be easily seen, even with the door closed.

Now that we’ve weighed out the pros and cons, check out these 20 kitchens featuring glass door refrigerators.

Colored glass door refrigerators

Sleek and high-gloss black glass doors on the refrigerator and ovens add a contemporary look to this minimalist kitchen. Image: Palazzo Kitchens

The glass panel refrigerator by Balay comes in several colors, all in a high-gloss finish. Image: Balay

This glass panel refrigerator has a satin sheen that hides fingerprints and imperfections more easily than high polish. Image: Deulonder

The large commercial-style glass refrigerator is finished in a gray shade to replicate concrete. Image: Harrell Remodeling 

High-gloss white glass (as shown on the refrigerator doors) is clean, bright and expansive. Image: Harrell Remodeling 

Glass panel refrigerators

A modern kitchen featuring a commercial-style glass door refrigerator by SubZero. Image: Bonstra Haresign Architects

The refrigerator wall is a combination of colored glass and a see-through glass door panel. Image: Enigma Interiors

The built-in refrigerator and wine cooler are both finished with a combination of matching wood panels and glass. Image: Sub Zero

A glass panel on the commercial refrigerator invitingly displays refreshments. Image: Sub Zero

The glass doors of this stainless refrigerator break up the grays in this beautifully classic kitchen and bring in a bit of bling. Image: JK & Sons

This refrigerator by GE  can be ordered with a stainless steel or wood panel frame. Image: GE Monogram

This kitchen’s refrigerator features backlit glass, which expands the kitchen space and adds depth to the room. Image: Clarke Living

This modern kitchen gets a contemporary feel thanks to the fridge’s blue LED light. Image: Drury Designs

To create a fully integrated feel, maple panels surround this glass door refrigerator. Image: CLB Architects

The glass of this fridge was darkened to a black tint to conceal the contents inside. Image: White Picket Fence

Here’s an example of why you should organize food and drinks when you own a see-through refrigerator. Image:FabCab

The glass doors mimic the surrounding kitchen windows that filter in light. Image: Laura Bohn Design

Here’s one of SubZero’s glass panel door refrigerators from their latest collection, shown in a crisp, white transitional kitchen. Image: S Group

A black laminated glass panel refrigerator mimics the color theme of the other kitchen appliances. Image: Terracotta Properties

The double door glass refrigerator features the same wood veneer as the adjacent cabinets. Image: Urbatek

What do you think of the glass door refrigerator trend? Would you add a glass door refrigerator to your kitchen?