If you’re looking to create a unique space that fully expresses your artsy side, look into fun lighting creations. Lighting has become something of an art form over the years. From colored accents to unexpected light placement to abstract designs, there’s sure to be a style that allows you to express your inventive side. Take a look below for some of the top funky lighting ideas to help breathe some creativity into your space.

Use unique lighting placement

One of the easiest ways to get a fun look with your lighting is to place your fixtures creatively. One such way is to place your fixtures so that they face multiple directions, as in the first photo below.

String lighting is another popular option when placing your lighting in unconventional territory. You might also look at customizable lighting options like orb lighting. That way, you can place light where you want without having to add whole new wiring and fixtures. These options are less permanent, so you can play around with different styles.

Turning wall lighting in unexpected directions gives an instant look of funky fun. Image: Amy Lau Design

Glowing orb lights give a fantasy feel to the front lawn. Image: Nightorbs

Hanging string lights can add an accent to an eating area. Image: Mondo Exclusive Homes

Don’t feel limited to string lights as wall or ceiling accents; string lights work in table centerpieces, too. Image: Lights.com

String lights also add ambient light when strung around hanging rustic pieces. Image: PaveStone Brick Paving

Incorporate chandeliers and other hanging lights

Another option is to check out fun chandeliers. Many modern chandeliers feature abstract designs that defy description. Pendant lights have also evolved into unusual designs, like the one below that mimics hanging branches.

With hanging lights, you can find a style that goes well with any look you’re trying to achieve with the rest of the room. There are so many creative options out there, you’re sure to find one that meshes with your artistic vision for the space.

Funky abstract hanging light designs add an artistic feel to a space. Image: Cabinetry Creations

This chandelier emulates a sunburst pattern. Image: Ann Lowengart Interiors

This hanging light embraces geometry. Image: Mhouse

Pendant lights with creative casings are also a solid option. Image: Concepts by Gavin Hepper

Some funky lighting fixtures go conceptual, like this design that looks like branches. Image: Kipnis Architecture + Planning

While technically a type of pendant lighting, this long, sleek design is in a class of its own. Image: Elizabeth Bowman Interior Design

Think outside of traditional lighting options

To get truly funky lighting ideas, you may want to look beyond the usual lighting fixtures. One novel look that adds style to a room is industrial-looking hanging bulbs. Many of these are encased in ethereal glass orbs. Other bulbs push the look further, encased in material like webbing.

Exposed hanging bulbs are always a favorite for artistic spaces, and this look makes great use of bright color. Image: Boutique Homes & Developments

This design shows how a plethora of orbs can light up a space even better than a traditional chandelier or pendant lighting. Image: Rocco Borghese

Some hanging bulbs use creative casing to stand out. Image: Coats Homes

A few loose orbs can produce an ethereal floating light feel. Image: Brilliant Lighting

Choose colored lighting

Of all funky lighting ideas, colored accent lighting is perhaps the boldest. Let your imagination and sense of creativity run wild with this idea. You can go with one color as an accent light, or use multicolored lights to achieve a more eye-catching effect.

Where you put your colored accent lighting is also a matter of creative inspiration. Some people put it on ceilings, in hallways or in hot tubs. You can even frame cabinets or highlight kitchen islands. It’s truly up to you, but take a look below for some starting ideas.

Colored lighting makes for wonderful accents, especially in the stark neutral color scheme of the rest of the space. Image: Diane Berry Kitchens

Another option is to use one color to accent different parts of the room. Image: Number Eighty One

Some colored lighting designs utilize colored paneling over regular lights. Image: Hulburd Design

Multicolored lights in the wall can add a funky accent to the room. Image: Paluvibo

Colored lighting adds style and interest to a pool or hot tub. Image: Folio Design

Whether you decide to play with the placement, style or coloring of your lighting, the sky’s the limit when it comes to funky lighting ideas. With a little imagination, you can transform any space in your home into an eye-catching display.

How will you incorporate these funky lighting ideas into your home? Tell us all about it in the comments below!