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There’s no denying the wow-factor of a great wallpaper.

From nature to geometrics, wild and fun wallpaper ideas are a great way to jazz up a room without adding unnecessary decor and clutter. Modern wallpaper isn’t defined by the florals and stripes we remember from our grandparent’s homes. Today’s possibilities are endless and easily accessible.

If you’re easing into wallpaper, don’t feel like you have to cover an entire room. Start with a small, less-trafficked room, such as a powder room or guest bedroom. In larger spaces, choose an accent wall to decorate and paint the rest. Hallways, entryways, mudrooms, even laundry rooms make other great candidates for testing a bold wallpaper — you usually aren’t hanging out in them for hours on end.

Sure, the installation might be a bit of a hassle. Take the time to do you research on how to install properly, or spend a bit to have a professional do it or you. Either way, it will be worth it when you swap paint for a bold print and see your room decorate itself.

Looking for inspiration to make your walls stand out? Here are our favorite wallpaper ideas:

Image: Abaca Interiors

This New York Home dressed up bright white with “Brit Pop” by Elitas. The gold canopy bed adds a stately style to the whimsical colors found in this space.

This farmhouse-style home keeps it cool in the kid’s room with this outdoorsy “Woods” wallpaper by Cole & Son. Vintage wood furniture adds warmth and style that will grow with the child, while toys and decor take this room from “space” to “playspace”

This silhouetted zoo pattern from Ferm Living is a sophisticated way to give a nursery color and style while remaining a calming space for parents.

“Circus” by Cole & Son isn’t for the faint of heart, but that hasn’t stopped bold homeowners in this historic Denver home. The vibrant, eye-catching design creates a daring contrast between the original character of the home and modern graphic design.

Think all wallpaper has to be colorful to be interesting? Think again. This wallpaper is a discontinued piece from the “Jealous Walls” collection compliments the Scandinavian style of this chic bedroom.

We all know that one person who absolutely loves horses. For my friends, that is me. If you’re that person, then “Collette Black” from Sandberg Interiors is your wallpaper. The contrast of the gray pillows is over-the-top in the best way.

Vintage poems make for the most unique and charming accent in this bathroom paying a nod to the early 19th century. With your favorite book, this could even be a fun (albeit challenging) DIY for a small bathroom.

This lush wallpaper by Cole & Son gives us a luxurious taste of the tropics. Also, a door knocker as a towel ring? Genius.

“Nova Mist” by Isak jazzes up Scandinavian interior design with a bold tesselation and just enough color to make a statement.

Put on your rose-colored glasses for this kitchen. Not for the faint of heart, a well-paired bold floral can stand its own against other vibrant colors in a space, such as these glossy red cabinets.

Wallpapers that mimic watercolors manage to look soft and rich at the same time. In this one, “Mill” by Quercus and Co., earthy tones pair with a geometric print for a comfortable home office backdrop.

Wallpaper can be masculine. Check out how this Wallquest wallpaper gives a rich, dark look to this bedroom. The key to this space: Great lighting sources.

This kids room goes all out on color and pattern with eclectic pieces mirrored across the space. Butterfly wallpaper custom printed by the designers J & J themselves, which makes it all the more impressive.

This bedroom channels tropical elegance, courtesy of an ornate bed, a hint of metallic silver, and “Palm Leaves” by Cole & Son.

This London bathroom takes a monochromatic approach while making a playful jab at bathroom reading.

Soft, inviting, and borderline nautical space makes an easy case for why blue is the most calming color for a bedroom. This geometric wallpaper from Thibaut.

Mid-century modern style is generally defined by furniture, but “Petal Pusher” in Gold by Hygge & West is channeling the 50s. The echo of gold tones throughout the room pulls the space together.

The whimsical “Pretty Ponies” by Sanderson is as sweet as it gets. A patchwork quilt, vintage furnishings, and parquet flooring complete this shabby-chic, cottage style room.

Looking to get your bathroom into ship-shape? This detailed nautical blueprint design by Astek Wall Coverings will have guests taking a closer look.

“Tapestry” by Cavern Home adds a punch of pattern to a Scandinavian style home, centered by a hand-me-down red chair from the homeowner’s grandmother.

“Flamingo” by Cole & Son is equal parts elegant and whimsical, perfect for the nursery of a little girl.

Looking to stop into the 70s? Look no further than “Multi-Stem” from Orla Kiely, which comes in a variety of colors.

This modern Texas kitchen added the darling, hand-drawn wallpaper “All of Us” by Geoff McFetridge.

Remember shibori? This discontinued print from trendy shop Eskayel rocks the trendy tie-dye look in. San Francisco surfer’s loft.

Zebra, gold, a bling, and a dose of red. The recipe for a glamourous outfit, or powder room. This stunning foil wallpaper is “Zebra” in gold by Scalamandre.

What do you think of these fun wallpaper ideas? Would you paste any up on your own walls? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media!