This classic beach house in California was envisioned by Jackson Design and Remodeling for a well-traveled young couple who fell in love with the incredible views.  They decided to make an old seaside home their own and completely transform the original outdated structure. The designers planned a crib with the classic feel of an East Coast cottage and the sophisticated design of European living spaces. The home’s natural surroundings are now central to its welcoming, light-filled design. Open space and subtle colors of contemporary design are balanced with materials and textural details that suggest the appealing character of a classic home.

The extensive kitchen island is built with hard rock maple painted white with an impressive black granite countertop. Since they entertain often, the couple appreciates the seating area at the end of the island where guests can be closer to the bar and appreciate the views. The family room is now a bright space filled with light and energy. A large brick pop out built around the existing fireplace and painted white established a striking centerpiece. The fireplace was built up to the ceiling for dramatic visuals. The new master bathroom design was inspired by the client’s love for sparkling gemstones. A window and skylight bring abundant natural light into the space. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Heidi Smython on behalf of Jackson Design and Remodeling]