Welcome to a highly flexible family home in Moscow that displays plenty of original design elements! Envisioned by Ruetemple, the Bagritsky project in Moscow, Russia is a 80 square-meter dwelling envisioned for a couple and their two children. The brief requested “a functional and laconic interior, yet not deprived of individuality and originality. The principal requirements were related to the area of the living room and the children’s room.” One of the first elements of the resulting design scheme that catches attention is a giant black cube. This unconventional unit accommodates a coat and shoes closet, a bathroom, built-in-cupboards and a refrigerator.

The designers envisioned flexible spaces, that originally meet the requirements of the owners: “We decided to design the living room in such a way so that the space could be organized differently depending on the mood and occupations. This objective is perfectly met by mobile furniture. It includes 7 modules on the wheels: 4 armchairs, two poufs and a coffee table. They are easy to move and can be assembled in various combinations: family movie watching, table games, sitting with the guests and so on”. In the children’s’ room, a central playing set divides the area in two; this miniature yellow playground includes levels for climbing, a hammock and small houses with windows. [Photography courtesy of Ruetemple]