No matter what style it comes in, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But for those of us who are obsessed with making others feel welcome, there’s no better choice than a farmhouse aesthetic. If you’ve been thinking about bringing a modern farmhouse kitchen into your home, you’re in luck.

Read on to learn more about the elements you need to include to pull off this look, as well as to see a handful of examples that you can use as design inspiration. If you follow our advice, you’ll end up with a look that feels straight from the farm, yet undeniably trendy.

Farmhouse kitchens are the perfect blend of modern and traditional. Image: AK Construction Enterprises Inc.

Elements of a modern farmhouse kitchen

Modern farmhouse design works because it strikes a subtle balance between contemporary and traditional aesthetic. In essence, it’s the best of both worlds – and there’s lots of room between them to put your own spin on the look.

That said, there are a few coordinating elements that pull these looks together. They are:

  •  Neutral colors: Farmhouse kitchens are typically light, bright and airy. You can keep that feeling going, no matter how much natural light you have in the space, by using neutral colors as the base of your design. In particular, opt for lighter shades of whites and grays for your cabinets and backsplash.
  • Natural materials: Adding natural materials on top of a neutral base is quintessential farmhouse design. Woods are the perfect choice for your furniture and countertops, especially warmer varieties, which will keep the room feeling modern.
  • Industrial/antique elements: Finally, round out the room by using some industrial or antique elements in your lighting and accessories. The rough edges of these pieces will ground the space in tradition. Be sure to use these pieces sparingly, as using too many runs the risk of making the room feel a bit dated.

Modern farmhouse kitchen ideas

Feel free to infuse the space with a touch of pattern, but remember that it’s important to go subtle rather than bold. Image: Kat Nelson Designs

Traditionally, a farmhouse kitchen includes plenty of white. Image: American Institute of Building Design

Undermount sinks are a hallmark of the modern farmhouse look. Image: TMP Imaging/Tony Marinella Photography

Use open shelving to display your dishware and to bring a casual feel to the room. Image: Caesarstone

Don’t forget to add plenty of accessories in order to infuse your personality into the space. Image: J.Holderby – Renovations

Today’s farmhouse designs allow you to play with a splash of color. Image: Adapt Design, LLC

Think about using butcher block countertops for a simple and clean aesthetic. Image: Fisher & Paykel

Consider adding a focal point to the kitchen with a statement island that stands out from the rest of the cabinetry. Image: North Fork Builders of Montana, Inc.

Add a few antique pieces to the mix in order to cement that farmhouse feel. Image: Gabriel Holland Interior Design

Use a rug to give the space a layer of warmth and to add more texture to the design. Image: CKD Remodeling

Playful elements like chalkboard walls fit right in with farmhouse style. Image: Design Shop Interiors

Don’t be afraid to bring in a few industrial elements, like the pendant lights in this photo. Image: Right Arm Construction

Beams – whether authentic or decorative – will help draw the eye up and effectively open up the space. Image: Alair Homes Chilliwack

Include plenty of contrast by mixing painted elements with natural materials like wood. Image: Andreas Letkovsky Architecture

Give the room a homey feel by including plenty of curves in your design. Image: Todd Glowka Builder, Inc.