Within the shell of an old farm house, this stunning volume rises as example of modern farmhouse reconstruction possibilities. Working with a structure that was completely in ruin, Fernando Coelho Architects exemplary reconstructed and improved the structure brick by brick. This attention to details can be seen throughout the home known as RM House.

Adding an extra 200 square meters to the existing structure of the old farmhouse, architects increased the amount of indoor space and imagined the way the floor plan was to be used. They also beautifully construct a powerful link between new and old. Photographs by José Campos show us the RM House from different perspectives. Thanks to these images, we get a better feel of the space arrangement spreading over 540 square meters.

Born out of ruins and softly following the curves of the land, this farm reconstruction invited other to dream along the same lines. Seeing what a ruin might become and cleverly using the surroundings as advantages, architects designed a well lit structure that shelters the dreams of its inhabitants. Also, taking into account the owners’ lifestyle, the design follows a fluid line inside-out. Built with as little interference with the environment as possible, the RM House spreads over two floors.

Both floors have direct access to the ground thanks to the contours of the land. The road level was imagined as hosting the garage, laundry and storage space. An interior staircase connects to the first floor, where the kitchen, pantry and dining room fill one side, while an office space and private spaces (two bedrooms with bathroom, and the master suite with dressing room) fill the other. In between, the large central hallway ends with the living room. This helps open the usually used spaces to the light and creating a fluid, open space to enjoy alongside family and friends. A dramatically lit outdoor staircase connects the terraces shaped in the sloping terrain.

From an advanced state of degradation to this inspiring farm restoration, an idea was mixed with passion and desire for a life worth living in sophistication. And if you’d like to see more of how stone can help rebuild beautiful houses, you should see the sophistication defining recently renovated stone house in Switzerland.