Envisioned as a family retreat for a couple’s retirement, Casa Meztitla makes the most of the rocky landscape at the foot of Tepozteco mountain in Mexico. Studio EDAA used volcanic rock and cement blocks to partially camouflage the building walls. The only element that reveals itself to the outside world — a massive monolithic white box that emerges through the foliage.

“The house, built out of rough stone, crawls low under the trees and aligns with the vegetation-covered stone slopes,” the architects stated. “It is the creation of pure space within the natural space.”

The owners wanted the space to be connected with its surroundings without compromising privacy. The bottom level of the house opens up to the swimming pool and natural landscape with large pivoting glass doors. “Now, everyone is able to adjust their degree of exposure while keeping a constant visual relation with the outdoors,” the architects said.

One key feature of the property is an ingenious storm water management system which captures every drop of water that touches the property — this allows for an abundance of water even through the long dry season. [Photography by Yoshihiro Koitani]

How would you incorporate the natural world inside your home?