When in Venice, you might want to stay at or admire the fabulous Aman Canal Grande Hotel. Italy’s romantic city on water houses some spectacular buildings, so you never know what might surprise you behind the next corner. Occupying one of UNESCO’s World Heritage List historic building, Palazzo Papadopoli, the elegant hotel was given new life by Denniston International Architects.

The luxury hotel in Italy will amaze you from the very start: “Guests usually arrive at Aman Canal Grande Venice by boat, docking at a landing that leads directly into the palazzo’s Reception Hall. With its soaring ceilings and historic frescos and reliefs, the hall provides a sense of bygone luxury, as well as direct access to the hotel’s private gardens and a small Boutique. This specialises in Murano glassware designed by Count Giberto Arrivabene, the owner of the palazzo.

From the Reception Hall, a sweeping staircase rises through two levels to the piano nobile, traditionally the grandest floor of a palazzo. At the top of the stairs, guests are welcomed into the Vestibule, which leads to an elegant lounging area in the Ballroom. This offers a balcony and beautiful views of the Grand Canal. From the Ballroom, the Bar and dining rooms are accessed. The Bar provides a cosy setting with canal views, as well as an impressive fireplace.”

You can imagine the immensity of the overall appeal. This historic palace has now modern amenities thanks to the careful architectural restoration and new life thanks to those who appreciate its charming heritage. The best of Italy’s craft makers worked on restoring the elegant building and travelers can enjoy the Italian and Asian cuisine served in the piano nobile. Imagine dining under ceiling murals like you’ve never seen before or walking across parquet floors towards the original walnut bookcases that used to belong to the Count.

A world of lost and regained stories await to be discovere in the unique Aman Canal Grande Hotel. And then you’ll have your own fairytale story to tell.