Yaroslav Galant collaborated with interior decorator Ilona Galant for the design of the “Nice Way Hostel Porto“, in northern Portugal. The vibrant travelers’ refuge is located in a beautiful old building on Avenida dos Aliados. The hostel includes 32 rooms which are spread across three floors.

The social core of the hostel is a generously-sized living room, designed in an eclectic style. The influence of three important aspects create the foundation of the design: comfort, multi-functionality, and cosmopolitanism. Thanks to an open floor plan, the living space has united reception, bar, kitchen, and dining room. There are also adjacent working and lounge zones.

The large array of colors and textures contribute to a powerful dynamic. All interior design items, furniture and most of the lighting have been made individually on Yaroslav Galant. Natural lighting comes in through the windows along the front wall and spreads light all the way to the back of the social area.

Taking inspiration from various styles and natural materials, the design team achieved a friendly atmosphere with a distingushed sense of style. Young people traveling here have everything they need to rest, communicate and relax. [Information provided via e-mail by Yaroslav Galant; Photography by Luis Azevedo]