DOUBLE LOOP by Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero is a mirror holder consisting of two bands in solid wood with curvature inspired by the harmonious shapes of fabric and paper: the rectangular section of the two concentric rings twists through 90 degrees in the lower part, creating two curvy shelves. The seemingly simple and straightforward aesthetic of the product actually hides a high degree of complex craftsmanship, requiring considerable skill to curve the solid wood in such a way as to make it fluid and light like fabric.

Exhibiting a stylish and relatively thin wooden frame, the mirror holder is a powerful statement in a private home, but also in various types of public venues. The two small shelves are just enough to store your magazine or remote control; in fact, too many objects would negatively interact with the overall design, which inspires elegance and simplicity. With a height of 125 centimeters, Double Loop offers a potential focal point in any interior. The project is a winner of PORADA design award 2014. What do you believe are the highlights of this mirror holder concept? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by DesignLibero]