Água Verde Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil is a charming redesign project by Leandro Garcia. The designer upgraded a 323 square foot studio owned by an ex-ballet dancer by expanding the social area and optimizing each space. As you can see in the photos below, the result is a small home that breathes, a stylish refuge that successfully accommodates modern living functions. The color palette is minimalist and helps create the feeling of a sizable home. White walls and furniture enlarge the rooms, while adding a glimpse of elegance.

Several tricks have been implemented in order to meet the owner’s brief: “The kitchen is restricted to just a counter-top and cabinets located inside a niche in the side of the social area, next to the wet areas (laundry and bathroom). An amber mirror over the counter generates a feeling of spaciousness, emphasized by the striped rug and also by the sofa without side arms, designed by the architect.

One of the sides of the couch rests against the large white bookcase that surrounds much of the apartment and hides the access to the bedroom through a sliding door.” Style and flexibility seem to be the defining attributes for this apartment in Brazil, which we hope you will find as inspiring as we do. [Photos by Fran Parente]