Olive green is on-trend – and it appears it will be one of the topmost stylish colors for the next few years. It varies greatly in hue and saturation from cool to warm tones, giving you plenty of flexibility when decorating with olive green. Also known as cargo, sage and even chartreuse, the color is quite versatile. It’s the perfect shade to add to your living space this fall.

Here are some beautiful interiors to inspire you to try decorating with olive green. Update your space with olive to add a warm, modern fall feel to your home.

Add Olive Green Window Treatments

When decorating with olive green around your windows, go with a richer, bolder shade or pattern since you’ll only be seeing a small area of the curtain.

A floral setting featuring violet-colored flowers ties in the elegant olive silk curtains. Image: Scott Weston Architecture

A cool, grey neutral bedroom goes seasonal with a bright olive color featured on the windows, headboard and throw pillows. Image: Shake The Sky Interior Design

Add Accent Furniture In Olive Green For Fall

The olive tone works well with nearly any color and manages to warm up a room for fall. If you’re not ready to commit to an olive green sofa permanently, add an olive-colored slipcover to your dining chairs, sofa or ottoman to bring the tone in when you’re in the mood.

The striking leather chairs in this contemporary dining room add a warm, fall vibe to the space. Image: Mendelson Group

The olive-colored sofas flow well with the natural beiges, greys and splashes of orange in this modern living room. Image: Stressless Sofas

A patterned olive textile is used in the curtains and draped over the headboard. The chaise in the room is covered in an olive green slipcover. Image: DeFrances and Associates

Dress Up Your Dining Room Table With Olive This Fall

The color olive works very well with other traditional fall tones like reds, oranges and golds. Add a touch of olive to your dining room or table to modernize your current space.

Small olive-colored details like seat cushions, napkins and glasses add a touch of fall to this table setting. Image: Robertson Lindsay

An open living space features a monochromatic color theme with olive green textiles, tableware and upholstery. Image: Susan Venn

Olive green is an excellent color accent when you’re working with warm neutrals like ivory, beige and white. Image: McAlpine House

Paint A Focal Wall Olive Green

For a fast, bold way to add your favorite olive green tone to your home, paint a single wall in olive. Don’t forget to accessorize the room with the focal color to pull the look together.

This bedroom wall is painted in a rich, saturated olive color. The throw blanket ties in the focal wall color with the bed. Image: Kennedy Design Group

The small stripe created by painting the TV wall in a rich olive creates a bold focal point in the den. Image: Elad Gonen

A rich olive wall is combined with Scandinavian-style blond wood furniture and touches of warm rust, as shown on the seat cushions. Image: Snell David

Or Paint The Whole Room In Olive Green

Paint your room in a darker, more neutral tone of olive green or a light, cool version for a warm and peaceful setting. The color olive complements all wood tones and natural stone materials quite well, making decorating with olive green walls simple.

Change out the boring white walls in your living room and warm up the space for the colder days of the year with a rich olive green tone. Image: Brett Weber Architects

A lighter, cooler olive tone creates a peaceful, airy bedroom environment. Image: Richman Interiors

Wallpaper A Wall With A Pattern Featuring Olive

Add life to your walls (and room) with a textured or patterned wallpaper featuring olive. The latest wallpapers are easy to clean and easy to remove if you rent.

A Nordic-style home features a fun, graphic wallpaper pattern in shades of olive and sage. Image: Brewster Wallcovering

You’ll find a great variety of botanical print wallpapers in olive green that would accent your room. Image: Richman Interiors

The rich olive wallpaper adds texture and depth to the headboard wall of this olive-themed master bedroom. Image: Jigsaw Interior Design

Pair Olive Green With Other Warm Fall Tones

Rust, terracotta, pumpkin and orange are natural partners to the color olive. Other warm fall tones that look great with the green include golds and reds like wines and burgundies.

A kitchen featuring a striking copper backsplash was painted with a cool olive tone to add a strong design element to the room. Image: Fontana Art And Design

Terracotta and olive are both on-trend colors at the moment and work well together for fall. Image: Cream And Black

This room, featuring an olive focal wall, can be accessorized year round according to the season. For fall, the throw pillows were changed out to pumpkin spice and terracotta tones. Image: Magnolia

Decorating With Olive Green Accents

There are many ways you can accessorize with olive green, including wall art, throw pillows and blankets, vases and other objects. Add a few in your favorite olive green shade to a neutral room.

If you feel your room is a bit too neutral, add splashes of bright olive tones to liven up the space. Image: AMW Design Group

When decorating with olive green, don’t be afraid to layer variations of the color, as shown here. You’ll notice designers added light sage, chartreuse and deep olive to this modern open living room. Image: Annette English

This restful bedroom was painted in a pale olive pastel and accessorized with olive accents like an ottoman and throw pillows. Image: Cyndi Parker Interiors

Add An Olive Green Rug To Your Room Setting

The walls are often the go-to place to add an accent color. But beyond the walls, your floors offer lots of square footage ready to be personalized. An area rug in olive green could be the perfect way to add the color to your room for fall.

A floral botanical wallpaper brings the outdoors in. So does the coordinating olive area rug. Image: Douglas Graneto Design

The chair and area rug add the fashion-forward color to the room, as well as the feeling of an expansive space that flows out into the outdoors. Image: Katie Leede & Co.

For A Fresh Look, Pair Olive Green With Yellow Or Turquoise

The 60s and 70s are hot in home decor. Which means you’ll see a lot of combinations of vintage colors (even for fall and the holidays) that add a smile to your face, like olive and bright yellow or olive and turquoise.

A kids’ bedroom featuring bright yellow, turquoise and olive is fresh and cheerful. Image: Amy Lau Design

Olive green works very well with aqua, teals and gold, as you can see by the pale olive wool throw blanket in this bedroom. Image: High Fashion Home

A vibrant, modern living room in olives, teals and turquoise. Image: Markatos Design

Greens repeat throughout the room with turquoise as the accent color. Image: James Rixner

This modern bedroom has a 70s vibe featuring olive and bright yellow textiles. White accents provide contrast against the deep olive grasscloth wallpaper. Image: Amy Lau Design

Are you attracted to the more vibrant, invigorating shade of olive? Or do you like the soft, restful cooler tone of olive green? If you love them both, mix and match the popular color in your home.