With Halloween coming up, you may be wondering how to get that spooky vibe for the season. A go-to accessory for Halloween is, of course, witches. From tabletop dolls of cute, small child witches to ugly hags on the front lawn to those goofy flat hangings that make it look like a witch flew into your house, witches are completely synonymous with Halloween decor. So to get a perfect Halloween home, why not incorporate a witch or two? Below we’ll cover several fun ways to decorate with witches in your home this Halloween.

Place a witch on a banister to make it look like she’s flying through the room. Image: Mackle Construction Co.

Fun placement

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of using a witch in your Halloween decor is the fun of finding places to put her. Since fantasy witches tend to fly on brooms, they can go just about anywhere. The photo above shows how placing a witch on the banister of a staircase makes it look like she’s flying through the home.

You might also consider hanging flying witches from the ceiling using clear wire. You could place a flat witch decoration high on the wall. Outdoors, you could have a flying witch hanging from a tree. Feel free to get creative with where you place your witches on broomsticks.

A witch at your entryway is a great way to greet trick-or-treaters. Image: Mary Prince

Realistic front door props

Another good way to decorate with witches is to place them right by the entryway of the home, as the photo above shows. It makes it look like the witch is either welcoming people or chasing them away, depending on how friendly or scary she looks.

The figure in the photo above also has a strong fairy tale vibe, since she’s holding out what looks like a poisonous red apple that she’s about to offer Snow White. It shows that you can get creative with little additions. Adding a faux red apple to any decor witch’s hand gives an instant fantasy feel.

You can go more subtle and conceptual by just displaying a witch’s hat. Image: Tina M. Yotka Container Gardens

Subtle hints

You also don’t have to go completely literal with your witch decor by finding realistic figures. You could subtly get a Halloween feel by incorporating items that hint at witchery, like the witch hat that sits on top of the cornucopia in the photo above. It’s a more subtle look if you’re not into the old hag or unrealistic fantasy side of witches.

And combining a witch hat with a cornucopia makes it a more versatile, all-purpose fall décor item that works from September all the way to Thanksgiving. It’s also a great way to get deep, bright hues into a space, thanks to the red foliage and orange pumpkins.

If you have one, remember your mantel for setting the Halloween tone. Image: Sarah Greenman

Witch mantel

Mantels are a great place for incorporating seasonal décor. Because it’s the natural focal point of the room, it’s a good place to set the mood for the season.

In the photo above, notice the two witches on either side of the TV. One of the rules for decorating a mantel is to create symmetry between both sides, and the two green witch dolls are a creative take on that rule. It’s also a subtle, affordable way to decorate with witches, as some of the larger figures can run pretty pricey if you’re on a budget.

Combine a skeleton with witch accessories for a look that has double the Halloween spookiness. Image: Sarah Greenman

Skeletal touches

While witches are synonymous with Halloween, so are skeletons. This clever design manages to combine the two for a unique, creative way to decorate with witches. To reiterate one of the points above, it also shows how fixing a witch on a broom to a wall higher up can make it look like she is flying through the room.

You could find a skeleton figure and dress it up in a witch dress and hat, then hang it from the ceiling or a tree outdoors. And that’s just for starters. This is another idea that begs for your creative input.

Get fully immersed in the fantasy feel with a coven of glowing witches. Image: Grandin Road

Create a scene

Ever wish your yard could look like something out of Hocus Pocus? These witch figures will make it look like your yard is bringing magic to life. The witches pictured above are actually a set of three from Grandin Road, so if you want a larger coven of them you’ll need two or three sets. But three holding hands can work, too.

They work well placed around glowing pumpkins, like in the photo above. You could also purchase a more traditional cauldron. Or you could just have them standing in a circle or semi-circle. The glowing heads and all-black dresses will make them look fantastical and spooky, no matter what you do with them.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate with witches come Halloween? We’d love to hear about them below!