Vievva Designers completed a stylish apartment in Singapore for a young couple drawn toward raw materials and finishes. The interior design is enriched by colorful additions and the owners’ collection of industrial artifacts.

“The process started by removing parts of the walls in the kitchen and a bedroom, creating a greater sense of space thereafter,” the designers explain. “The open kitchen now sports a casual dining nook and plenty of concealed storage.

“Blue Moroccan tiles add a nice dash of color on the walls. The original floor was overlaid with timber-grain tiles to bring some warmth into the monochromatic gray/black scheme.”

The living room captures attention thanks to a large cement wall that visually defines the interior. The customized display niches for the owners’ collection of art contribute to the unique identity of the apartment.

Sliding glass doors were installed to turn an existing bedroom into a study that also serves as a guest room. What do you find most captivating about this Singapore apartment? [Photos courtesy of Vievva Designers]