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Use these creative workstation ideas to inspire your own space. Image: Planwirkstatt

Most of us would probably jump at the chance to decorate a home office of our very own. Limited square footage in most homes means dedicating an entire room to work isn’t always possible, but it doesn’t mean we should give up on the dream of creating an area where we can be productive. Sometimes a workstation, or a work area within another room, is all it takes to get the job done.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to get your workstation started, this post is for you. We’ve compiled design inspiration for the task, as well as some practical advice on how to set up your space. Read them over to get a sense for which type of area will work for you. Trust us when we say there’s an option to fit every aesthetic.

1. Get creative with unused space in your home

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A workstation can go just about anywhere, even at the top of the stairs. Image: Bryant Hill Media

2. Pay close attention to corners and angles

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Use corners or odd room angles to your advantage. Image: Luci.D Interiors

3. Consider investing in alternative furniture

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Most bookshelves can double as a ready-to-go workstation that fits just about anywhere. Image: Bespoke Kitchen

4. Create something that packs away easily

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folding workstation

When in doubt, invest in a workstation that can be there when you need it and fold away when you don’t. Image: The Tiny Project

5. Go all-out with a custom option

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If needed, don’t hesitate to create a truly custom workstation that meets your needs. Image: Schmitt + Company

6. Modify an existing piece

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Make a style statement by building a workstation into another piece of furniture. Image: Dyer Grimes Architecture

7. Feel free to keep it super simple

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In your workspace, make sure function comes first. Image: Cummings Architects

8. Give the space color

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bold color

Don’t be afraid to give your whole workstation a pop of bold color. Image: Danielle Colding Design, Inc.

9. Separate the space visually

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Consider using wallpaper or another colorful pattern to separate your workspace from the rest of the room. Image: Camille Hermand Architectures

10. Tie it in with the rest of the room

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Be sure to include a few common threads like color and texture to tie your workstation into the rest of the room. Image: McDonald Jones Homes

11. Make sure you have organization in place

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Don’t forget that your space needs to include some sort of organizational element to keep it functional. Image: Holly Marder

12. Add in some statement décor elements

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décor elements

Remember to add a few décor elements like art or knickknacks into your design, too. Image: Charles Vincent George Architects, Inc.

13. Give each person their own area

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If two of you are using the same space, be sure to leave room for each of your personalities to shine. Image: DIY Decorator

14. Consider workstations for the kids, too

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kids workstatiob

A kid-friendly version of a workstation is the perfect spot for them to do homework or crafts. Image: 22 INTERIORS

How do you feel about these creative workstation ideas? Will you be trying any of these out in your own home? Do you have any ideas of your own to add? Let us know in the comments below.