This apartment, located in a new complex in Taipei, Taiwan, was designed by Archlin Studio for a couple and their 3-year-old daughter. The owners’ request was to keep most of the existing fittings, including the bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling and floor finishes, and to create a modern living space with maximum concealed storage capacity.

The design studio built a series of full-height storage/display units along the wall from the entryway to the dining area and into the open living space. A mirrored door panel was installed near the corner of the built-in storage unit to visually break up the heaviness of the element.

“Through the use of natural materials, like timber veneer, stone and glass, we created a laid-back apartment that is ideal for this young family of three,” the designers said. In the open living/dining space, white polyurethane paint was employed as the base color, while two different wood tones are used to define zones.

Traditionally in the Taiwanese culture, the kitchen is tucked away from the main living space. “Our challenge was to open up the kitchen when it is not in use so it can be joined with the public area as one large open space,” the designers said. They installed a sliding glass door to prevent cooking odors from entering the dining space. [Photos and information provided by Archlin Studio]