Located in Amagansett, N.Y., the Elizabeth II Residence by Bates Masi Architects displays original architecture. The clients’ primary goal was to have a private acoustic refuge from the bustling resort town; this meant insulating the building.

“The house is comprised of a series of parallel walls that provide layers of privacy and insulation from the sound of the village,” the architects said. “The walls project beyond the living spaces and ascend in height, building from a human-scale wall at the entry to a high wall along the center of the house.”

The walls have a concrete core, which is further wrapped in insulating foam and wood finishing. This structure helps create an acoustic barrier over the property, ensuring a quite outdoor area for the inhabitants. The interiors inspire warmth, light and space.

“The custom stainless steel clips hold the wooden boards in tension against the house while allowing freedom for the natural movement of the wood,” the architects said. “Inside, variations on the clips are utilized as robe hooks, cabinet pulls and hinges for an adjustable sound baffle in the central gathering space.” [Photography courtesy of Bates Masi Architects]