Located in a village in Aalten, Netherlands, this 50s farmhouse’s renovation is a contemporary blend of the traditional and the modern. Bureau Fraai updated the interiors in the main living area, and created an add-on living space that incorporates the old barn next to the house.

Surprising building materials and creative architectural elements make the new addition a standout: “While the existing barn was built from bricks and ceramic roof tiles, the extension’s façade and roof are made of black pre-weathered titanium zinc with hidden aluminum window frames, for a bold and modern look,” the architects said. To open up the home to the surrounding landscape, the extension showcases large glass windows.

The wooden scissor frame truss is a nod to historical Dutch farms. Bright and spacious, the new open-plan living, dining and kitchen area connects to the garden through glass doors.

The minimal design features concrete flooring and white plaster walls creating a neutral background for the large interior wooden beams. [Photography by Wim Hanenberg]


What is the best feature of this contemporary Dutch farmhouse?