Merging color with fresh design solutions, dontDIY completed the design of Apartment V01, a lively home located in an old central building in Sofia, Bulgaria. The main purpose of the project was to maximize the amount of natural light inside the rooms and to create overall comfortable living conditions. Creative storage ideas can be spotted throughout the apartment; even the built-in kitchen can be hidden behind white sliding doors made from plywood, thus visually enhancing the living room.

The social area is colorful, friendly and filled with inspiring elements: “A small fireplace is built-in into a large white cabinet situated along the darkest wall of the room which also accommodates the refrigerator and the air-conditioning unit. In the middle of the living room one finds a bespoke plywood table which serves as a dining table or a working desk. A light blue Scandinavian sofa is lying in front of an exposed brick wall painted white in front of the picture window, while a black rotating Jean Prouve Vitra lighting fixture hovers over the sofa. The white wall in front of the seating area serves as a projection screen.” See any other details you find captivating? [Photos by Asen Emilov]