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A simple wall tree is perfect when space is an issue. Image Source: HGTV

Are you space-challenged? Bored of the same green plastic tree you unpack and assemble every Christmas? Sounds like it’s time for some new Christmas tree ideas for your home.

The tree is the most important piece of decor for the Christmas holiday, and we have some unconventional inspiration coming your way. The selection includes DIY, rustic, space-saving, contemporary and avant-garde Christmas trees, and all have something in common: they’re big on imagination.

Get inspired by our Christmas tree ideas, and add one (or a combination of several) to your living room, bedroom, office or anywhere a little Christmas cheer is required.

Here are some contemporary Christmas tree ideas:

Architectural Public Installation Trees

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Christmas trees at the Spanish design studio A-cero. Image Source: A-cero

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creative post deluxe by larry aisch-min

Christmas tree by artist Larry Raisch. Image Source: Larry Raisch, Deviant Art

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victoria albert museum tree-min

Installation at the Victoria and Albert Museum London. Image Source: Victoria and Albert Museum

 Cardboard Christmas Trees

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Corrugated cardboard Christmas trees by Giles Miller. Image Source: Giles Miller

Shelf Christmas Trees

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Floating shelves can be used to make creative Christmas trees. Image Sources: House Doctor and Ikea

Unconventional DIY Trees

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A DIY tree made of cut PVC pipes. Image Source:

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This easy tree is made from rolls of gift wrap. Image Source: A Little Tipsy

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Use balloons for a contemporary Christmas tree. Image Source: Milk Magazine

Christmas Trees for Book Lovers

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A Christmas tree made of library books. Image Source: Green Moxie

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book nerd 2-min

An artful stacking of books in the shape of a tree. Image Source: Book Punks

Hanging Mobile Trees

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A hanging mobile made of wooden paint sticks. Image Source: Curbly

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Make a Christmas tree mobile out of fishing line and Christmas ornaments. Image Source: Not Martha

Wooden Christmas Trees

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karen miller at doris brixham-min

An alternative Christmas tree made from pine lumber. Image Source: Doris Brixham

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Minimalist and contemporary, the Branch Christmas tree has enough branches to hang ornaments. Image Source: Kickstarter

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Wood rings, artfully arranged, make a rustic yet modern Christmas tree. Image Source: Etsy

Luminous Christmas Trees

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gareth pugh xmas tree-min

Designer Gareth Pugh created a Christmas tree from light tubes. Image Source: Today and Tomorrow

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chrismy by vondom-min

Vondom’s Chrismy glowing trees are an elegant alternative tree for indoors or outdoors. Image Source: Vondom

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Bright and architectural Christmas trees by Leuchten. Image Source: Leuchten

Wall Christmas Trees

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Use a wall, chalk and string lights to create a fun and unconventional Christmas tree. Image Sources: DIY and Crafts Magazine and West Elm

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A festive and removable Christmas tree wall sticker for small spaces. Image Source: Not on the High Street

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A hand painted wall tree with hanging garland. Image Source: West Elm

 Ladder Christmas Trees

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Take an open ladder and decorate it like a Christmas tree. Image Sources: Tattered Style and UKTV

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