Located on the shores of a lake in Harrington, Quebec, Chalet Lac Gate sits on the edge of a cedar forest, surrounded by majestic tree trunks. Although the footprint of this two-story building, designed by architect Eric Joseph Tremblay of BOOM TOWN, is substantial, its roof slope follows the inclined landscape, which means the impact of its site integration is minimal.

The entrance to the chalet is on the upper level. The bottom floor, where the living spaces (living room, kitchen, dining room) are located, opens to the outdoor relaxation areas by the lake.

A large terrace next to the master bedroom offers the best view of the lake as well as a generous sunlit space for the inhabitants. The extremities of the two main interior spaces offer a unique perspective of the landscape.

The exterior is composed of dressed stones and cedar cladding, along with other natural and site-specific materials. The sloped roof, covered with a zinc finish, partially turns toward the ground in the shape of a protective case. [Information provided by BOOM TOWN architecture; photographer: Angus McRitchie]