Located within a beautiful rural plot south-east of Lima, Peru, Casa Chontay by Marina Vella Arquitectos is an example of modern sustainable building. The residence blends with the landscape (mainly due to extensive use of natural materials) and exudes an optimum indoor-outdoor relationship: “Choosing an exact location was challenging and it lead to a solution of two independent volumes articulated by a garden lined up with the existing trees and the valley. This allows the users to have constant connection with nature and outdoor activities.” The two wings of the house are both encircled by vegetation, loosing their front-back perception.

Functionality and communication were the main concepts at the basis of the layout planning process: “The living room, dining room and kitchen are located in a 68 m2 area sheltered by a tall volume, large window screens assure natural light and cross ventilation. The 67 m2 (721 ft2) lower volume has a distribution hall to 3 bedrooms, an attic, 2 bathrooms and the terrace. To ensure the bedroom’s good ventilation and lighting low windows are oriented towards the East and the “teatinas” (Peruvian roof windows used since colonial times) are oriented towards the West. The balconied terrace is oriented towards the valley.” [Photos by Gonzalo Cáceres Dancuart]