Alventosa Morell Arquitectes completed the design and development of Casa LLP, an inviting cantilevered home in Barcelona, Spain. The building was specially envisioned to meet the contemporary living needs of two sisters. Low energy consumption was one of the main requirements of the clients, who were seeking a high level of independence.

The lightweight residence was built on two retaining walls that are parallel with the contour lines of the plot. A fully glazed facade allows the inhabitants to enjoy the majestic views over Parc Metropolità de Collserola.

According to the architects, the wooden frame that surrounds and partially supports the construction is made up of five panels that are perpendicular to the concrete walls below. These panels organize the different spaces of the house, with the idea that each of the inhabitants could enjoy two private rooms, a dining and a sitting area, a bathroom, a kitchen and a terrace. Sustainable features of the project include eco-friendly construction materials, a wooden ventilated facade and the use of a green roof, which provides thermal resistance.

Enjoy the gallery and let us know your thoughts! [Photography by Adrià Goula]