In our constant search for inspiring design, we stumbled upon Lemongrass, a lively restaurant envisioned by Einstein & Associates in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. The exterior, interior and landscape design of Lemongrass is merged into a tropical paradise. The project is described as “a modern architecture with splashes of rich tropical colors and plants designed specifically to blend with the surrounding nature. Digging a little deeper into the concept, the building itself is positioned at the center of a beautifully designed tropical garden, a subtle link with Bogor, a symbol of peaceful and ease of mind”, further explained the architects .

Four spaces make up the overall layout of the restaurant: main indoor dining area, alfresco dining, second floor indoor dining and rooftop dining zone. As one enters the venue, a tropical narrow jungle corridor further leads the way towards the preferred table, as the sound of sprinkling water and the smell of fresh herbs create a memorable atmosphere.  One of the highlights of the design composition is a peacock mosaic floor, bursting with color and energy. All throughout, natural materials like wood, natural stone and terracotta tiles are linked together for vibrant visual effects. [Photographs by William Kalengkongan]