The Bioscleave House in East Hampton, New York, can expand more than your indoor living space, or your shoe closet. In a totally different twist, the colorful home promises to add years to your life span. All for $1.49 million.

The colorful home is the first U.S. project designed to improve life span. All images courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens.

Listing agency Brown Harris Stevens calls it the “life span-extending villa.” But how, exactly, does this 3,400 square foot, 4-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house do that? The avant-garde creators, Arakawa and Madeline Gins, partners in the Reversible Destiny Foundation, explain.

Uneven floors improve immune system function

A sunken living room with strategically placed bars to help dwellers steady themselves.

According to the duo, “Heightened body awareness and the challenging of senses can allow the body to constantly reconfigure itself and, with time, become a means to strengthen the immune system.”

Vibrant color defines space and provides stimulation

The open main bath also features an ergonomic bathtub.

Floors stimulate the body’s organs through acupressure points

Minimal furnishings do not compete with the colorful walls.

According to the listing agency, “There are many ‘metaphysical’ small slopes, hills, nooks and crannies made of Japanese rammed earth country floor to stimulate the feet.”

Here are some other interior and exterior images of the unusual home.

Set on over an acre of woodland

The home consists of two connected houses finished in geometric block colors.

Trees surround the home while simple, minimalist landscaping allows the colors to stand out.

No interior doors

An open floor plan includes colorful walls to close off bedrooms and create smaller, intimate spaces.

Built around a central atrium, the main home leads to the sunken living room. Although walls add privacy to each space, there are no doors in the interior.

The concept may seem hard to grasp, but the modern use of 52 colors throughout the Bioscleave House does add a vibrant and cheerful effect to the home.