Millennial pink was introduced to the world slowly, and then all at once. This dusty, muted version of a classic hue has taken the world by storm  that is, the fashion and interior decorating world. No longer just reserved for a little girl’s room or play area, this new “it” color is being treated as a neutral tone thanks to its effortless versatility. Adding this pink shade to any space in your home will provide a quick update, as well as a refreshing look and feel.

With its understated tone, millennial pink can be subtle, yet eye-catching at the same time. This quality makes it easy to add the color to an existing design layout or act as the centerpiece of your entire decorative ensemble. It’s relaxed, fresh, dreamy, and perhaps the color scheme you never knew you needed. Here are our favorite ways to incorporate millennial pink into your home.

Pink textiles give this space a dreamy quality. Image: Homepolish

Dining and living room accents

Your dining and living area is a space where you want people to feel welcomed. Adorning these rooms with millennial pink touches is a contemporary way to add some warmth and softness to this entertainment hub. When used in curtains or pillows, this color complements a room’s natural light. It can also be pulled off when used in a room’s main players, such as seating, bar carts and tables.

Using accessories is a great way to test drive a color trend. Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Home decor accessories

When it comes to testing new color schemes, we understand that it’s scary to invest if you aren’t completely sure the color fits your style. In case you want to take a specific shade on a test drive, we suggest trying smaller accessories first. Incorporate throw pillows or coffee table books that add sweet accents to your space.

A posh, faux fur rug is nothing short of a statement piece. Image: Overstock

Statement rugs

Area rugs have both functional and aesthetic benefits. A good rug can ward off drafts, but it also has the ability to make interiors appear larger when used correctly. Taking a step up from small accessories, statement rugs are our favorite way to expand upon most any new trend, but especially in the case of millennial pink. We love this furry area rug pictured above, but more subtle options could also add elegance to any room. You could even try using a smaller pink rug in front of your bathroom sink or in your bedroom.

Adding a millennial pink accent wall is a risk that pays off. Image: Boca Do Lobo

Statement walls

For those who aren’t afraid to commit, a good statement wall is worth the risk. Taking the plunge to paint an entire wall in your home can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you decide a pink wall just isn’t for you or if you get antsy for a change, a statement wall can always be painted over. Plus, choosing one accent wall to be the room’s centerpiece requires less paint, less extensive planning and can be finished in a Saturday afternoon project.

A pink couch is elegant and understated, while still on trend. Image: West Elm


When you know, you know. This is especially true when selecting pieces of furniture that mesh well with your carefully curated personal style. If millennial pink is a color you like because of its muted and neutral sophistication, then it might be time to commit to something bigger — and by that, we mean furniture. Purchasing a couch, chair, or bench for your home in this swoon-worthy shade will undoubtedly add an element of blushing softness to any space you choose.

While larger furniture acts as a statement piece, it does not bear the threat of overpowering other items in your space. If you’re a first time home owner who’s ready to take some risks and furnish your home, check out our tips on how to do so without breaking the bank.