40 Stunning Bedrooms Flaunting Decorative Canopy Beds

Back in the days, wealthy people would add their luxuriously carved canopy beds to the will, leaving their beloved dreamland to be enjoyed and admired by future generations. Now, we get to enjoy past examples and contribute our own designs to the history of this fascinating bed.

Wealthy or not, we all dream

First built as a functional furniture item, the canopy bed became the canvas for inspiring carvings and design interpretations in different upscale residences. From four poster beds with curtains that kept warmth in and noise out to ornate canopy beds of the wealthy, this fairly simple bed design has seen a revival in contemporary interior design. Furthermore, the canopy bed is certainly no longer a luxury item for the wealthy, you can actually find some stylish and affordable canopy beds here on walmart.com (we were surprised with quality of their selection!).

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With this in mind, we return to our reality. Now that summer is over and we hurry towards wintertime, outdoor canopy beds are put aside for an encounter with cozy canopy beds in the bedroom. Feathered beds used to be frameless bags filled with feathers that had to be fluffed every morning. Now we indulge in soft but sturdy mattresses with luxurious bedsheets under breezy canopies.

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A contemporary atmosphere is hidden in the details. For an exhilarating effect,choose an open canopy bed to go with your large windows. This way the light can flow freely and flood every corner of the room without interruption, just like the example above, designed by Cleare Interiors.

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From Royal Rest to Travel Inspiration

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Designers have played with textures and materials creating stunning bohemian luxury at the San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos, as you can see above. Part of Design Hotels, this authentic place welcomes guest with breezy canopy beds perfect to enjoy in the warm Greek weather and take as inspiration for your dream bedroom.

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There are so many ways to create a beautiful curtained bed and enjoy tranquil nights! Making the bed the central focus is mandatory in this case.

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Above you can see an example of how far we’ve come in designing luxurious bedrooms staring canopy beds.I’m sure you’ll love the bedroom of La Quinta residence by Willetts Design and Associates.

Revival of the Canopy Bed Concept

With a vertical column in each corner, the structure of oak beds in the 1600s was supporting a rectangular panel. Variations on this original theme range from imposing solid wood canopy beds with curtains draped across the rectangular frame to stunning wrought iron beds with luminous, breezy curtains.

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This bedroom designed by Echelon Custom Homes showcases the revival of the iron canopy. Iron four poster beds with an uplift on top remind me of crowns and immediately take me on a journey through childhood fairytales. 

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Lovely Bed Canopies for Little Princesses

And if your little princess is going to have a fairytale bedroom, why not go all the way and design her a luxurious private bedroom like the Silk Damask Room by AFK Furniture?

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Open Canopy Beds for More Light

Timeless design implies simplicity and this stunning work of Peggy Del Rosario is definitely a candidate. A good vibe comes from the use of colors and light that intensify the feeling of calmness. Beautifully displaying a metal frame under the pitched ceiling, the attic suddenly becomes the favorite space in the house.

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Seeing the canopy bed as a place to indulge in a good night’s sleep, designer Susan Jamieson created a master suite in blue, gray, cream, and gold, choosing a gold-finished canopy bed with a luxury Savoir mattress.

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The Maison Canopy Bed from Pottery Barn Teen (pictured above) has a stylish iron frame with smooth curves and sharp angles. The open canopy can be adorned with curtains or left as is, it’s still beautiful.

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An open canopy on a patterned wallpaper background brings the chance to create an eclectic bedroom like the one photographed by Miles Redd.

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While you’re deciding whether you want an intricate wrought iron Gothic canopy bed or an airy princess-inspired soft pink bedspread, designers are working on new ways of improving this classic bed design.

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Crown Canopy Beds and Royal Inspiration

In a bedroom worthy for a princess, a decadently feminine canopy bed displaying the most subtle version of a canopy from Italian company Giusti Portos steals the heart of anyone who ever really believed that fairy tales were true.

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Sculptural wrought iron canopy beds look amazing in real life as they do in Anton Valiev’s spectacular renders of a dreamy St. Petersburg apartment.

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Exotic References Bring Nature Inside

Heavily ornate, canopy beds for kings are a constant inspiration and reminder that intricately carved wood frames and posts can still decorate our modern homes. Using dark colors like black and purple to shape a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom places the canopy bed in the spotlight.

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Upscale Girl’s Bedroom in Fancy Colors

Lucy Wasserstein’s bedroom seen in Vogue connects the world of fascinating colors and patterns with the reality of everyday life. A cheery draped bed in Garden Pattern fabric by Hungry Palette thrones in the middle of the sun-flooded room. What was once a bed for wealthy adults has been reinterpreted over the years to become a visual lullaby for children.

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Heavy Materials and Sophisticated Abundance

You might stumble upon silk, ebony and gilt before you understand you are in the presence of a luxurious piece of furniture. The luscious canopy bed above was photographed at designer Anouska Hempel‘s manor house in Wiltshire, England.

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Draped beds in serene, sun-filled bedrooms are reminiscent of castles and the picture above is part of an Irish one owned by Knight of Glin – Desmond FitzGerald. Seen in the book “The Irish Country House” by James Peill and co-authored by the Knight himself, this stunning bedroom evokes contemporary beauty through preservation of historic values.

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Canopy beds transform any bedroom into a royal chamber if given the right amount of space. In a castle, it’s easy to decorate the master bedroom with a stunning canopy bed, like the one spotted in a 19th-century baronial Scottish mansion – the Inverlochy Castle Hotel.

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Exotic inspiration also uses canopy beds as focus points. This Moroccan bedroom design flourishes under  lavish colors and appealing lighting. Textures and patterns mix in a fabulous bedroom design.

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From Royalty to Entertainers

Willow Smith indulges in relaxation and sleep in her Californian bedroom flaunting an exotic design by Judith Lance. The iron four-poster is draped with a canopy of patterned silk reaching over the bed to create a beautiful effect.

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Creative Canopy Beds for Dreamers

From the huge, three-meter-wide Great Bed of Ware said to have accommodated four couples (showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum), to the minimalist canopy bed designs we see today, this fascination with canopy beds comes in many shapes and sizes. Awnings can also be added to a bed to create this illusion of a canopy and break the monotony of the bedroom’s design, as Fabrizia Frezza Architecture did in the example above.

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A small white canopy bed would be perfect for teenage girls. The bed is large enough for comfort and small enough to make the room feel cozy. If you’ve been searching for ways to make your bedroom feel larger, Ronique will guide you to the best results.

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Another example of a white canopy bed – this time, decorating a pure white bedroom. The overall effect is that of serenity and comfort, perfect for nights when you feel like crashing and only a good night’s sleep could save you. Using one color (or non-color in this case) to decorate a room can be tricky, so you might need a few tips when decorating with all-white color.

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Pink bedrooms are not only for little girls. This example above captures the essence of good design and it features a shiny canopy bed lacking curtains. No worries there, because the floor-to-ceiling curtains adorning the windows perfectly balance the overall design of this Charleston home by Angie Hranowsky.

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The Virginia canopy bed from Ballard Design has a sturdy framework with railings that offer an aired design. Matched with dark bedside tables, the black canopy bed showcases its silhouette in an assortment of natural colors with a pop of purple.

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Rustic Details in Modern Bedrooms

A modern rustic bedroom canopy bed covered with a fluffy white quilt electrifies the atmosphere. The flokati rug, wooden side tables and recurring horse representations are basked in natural light rushing through the asymmetric window.

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Imagine a light-caressed bedroom where blue wooden walls are the perfect background for a white canopy bed – the Manosque bed – and different shades of purple merge in a calming effect. Does it look anything like the one in the photo above?

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How many of you dreamed about a canopy bed next to the bedroom fireplace? Christmas morning would definitely feel a whole lot different. I can see myself in warm socks cuddling with a book in this splendid canopy bed with white embroidered bed curtains chosen by decorator Jackye Lanham for this Charleston home.

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From the portfolio of Vacation Home Builders, the Whispering Pines residence stands out with a stunning master bedroom. Within this visually eye-catching wooden crib, the wood canopy bed with translucent curtains seems taken out of a dream.

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Luxurious Tufted Boards and Breezy Curtains

We secretly crave that light feeling of floating in the clouds while airy curtains move in the gentle breeze. Imagine opening your eyes to see curtain dancing in the warm summer wind in a rural setting. Jamie Scott Interiors is responsible for the Shenandoah Valley Horse Country Home’s bedroom design.

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Graceful colors and modern lines from Bolzan Letti‘s Fuji contemporary double canopy bed are perfect for an aired bedroom. Keeping decorations at a minimum helps create a breezy atmosphere and accentuate whichever color you choose from their wide range. With a big tufted headboard and matching curtains, the fascinating canopy bed is highly customizable.

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In a splendid Toronto residence designed by Heintzman Sanborn, an elegant custom canopy bed adorns the bedroom. I can’t take my eyes off the curtains encompassing an inviting bed and the way they carelessly hang along the bed’s posters.

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A fabulously subdued color palette deserves a dreamy canopy bed. Interior designer Jackye Lanham chose an iron canopy bed to balance the soft elegance of the space.

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Woven Textures and See-Through Curtains

Exotic combination of straight lines and woven textures, legant overlapping transparent curtains and warm lighting – this is a recipe for an enchanting combination of styles. There are tutorials on how to sew curtains for canopy beds, so if you love DiY find the perfect old canopy bed and revive it to a contemporary charm.

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From four poster beds to sophisticated canopy beds with translucent curtains, these beds benefit from royal reputation. Romance is welcomed in this fabulous vintage bedroom decor featuring a crystal chandelier. Identify your own decorating style to choose the perfect canopy bed for your needs and wishes, be it vintage, modern or rustic.

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Pineapple-pattern carvings on the solid hardwood feet of the Royal Kahala Diamond Head Canopy Bed by Tommy Bahama Home/Lexington Home Brands evoke its exotic nature, while the removable canopy frame with adjustable post heights can transform the bed to your liking.

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Playing with Details in the Bedroom

Art and photos can be hung on the wall above the bed. This apartment is a vivid example of how canopy beds can bring that luscious feeling of comfort high above the clouds, even in dense urban areas.

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Inspired by the Countryside

This Tuscan Villa by JMA Interior Decoration provokes our creativity with its pleasant mix of colors. Once again, purple, green and white team up to shape a warm and welcoming bedroom design. A beautiful canopy bed thrones under the purple ceiling.

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Children can benefit from a repetitive decorative theme, like two softly colored canopy beds mirroring each other in a serene environment. Another one of Jackye Lanham‘s creations, this bedroom combines flower-patterned linens with decorative seashells, making my mind drift from canopies to sailboats.

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Larger children’s rooms with beautiful terraces can be adorned with a canopy bed duo to breathe life into the space. This setting above is from a beautiful Montecito mansion that was on sale through Sotheby’s. Tall canopy beds with beautifully intricate iron headboards can become the focal point in the bedroom.

So you see, there are so many ways in which a canopy bed can decorate your bedroom. Expressing different moods and characters, they help shape dreams every night, so choose carefully and enjoy your sleep!