The Panda House by DA-LAB Arquitectos is an upgrade and remodel of a twenty-old-year old dwelling that lacked many basic spaces for a family beach house. Located in Playa Blanca de Asia, distrito de Cañete, Peru, the house opens up to its surrounding landscape and provides a holiday retreat that answers the modern living needs of its owners. According to the official project description, the residence, which originally had only one story, now has two levels and two extra rooms, a TV room, a bar, a BBQ bar, a pool and a large terrace where the family can have lunch and relax while contemplating the sea.

The double-height living room is the core of the residence. It pays tribute to the initial structure and serves as an organizing element and spacial connector of all common areas. While inside, inhabitants are playfully offered a display of moving lights: “The false ceiling cane plant generates a welcome shade throughout the day. At night, indirect lighting details are scattered throughout the house. The facade made with sliding blinds allows users to get more shade where it is required. When not in use, the blinds rest in front of the columns generating an anti-gravitational effect that gives the feeling that the roof floats with no supports.” Enjoy the good vibes exuded by this house design in Peru and let us know if any details in particular captured your attention!  [Photography: Renzo Rebagliati]