Floral wallpaper is making its comeback, with Ashley Woodson Bailey leading the charge. Image: AWB

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This ain’t your grandma’s floral wallpaper. Florist-turned-photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey has just rolled out a line of garden-inspired wallpapers that toe the line between antiquated and avant-garde. One look at her wallpaper shop will have you feeling all of the moody, soft feels. Finding the perfect high-impact wallpaper just got a whole lot easier.

Bailey’s new wallpapers take everything we once loved about wallpaper (the blend of colors, the use of pattern, the visual interest) and mixes in everything we love about modern design (high contrast, large-scale accents, pops of color) to deliver something with wide appeal. So how did Bailey learn to balance the traditional elements of floral wallpaper with modern shading and patterns that make it feel completely fresh?

Bailey in her back brace with her family. The brace – and floral photography – came into her life after a head-on car accident. Image: AWB

From adversity, an artist’s awakening

Ashley Woodson Bailey didn’t plan on shaping home decor. She was a successful florist who loved her craft. Then, in an instant, everything changed. A major car accident in 2012 nearly took her life. It left her in a back brace for seven months, limiting her mobility and cutting her career as a florist short. While most of us think of a florist’s job as delicate, there is a significant amount of physical work involved. Florists are regularly required to lift heavy buckets of flowers and take on the manual labor of installing floral arches, backdrops and more at events. Bailey’s injury left her unable to work – or do much else.

Her community rallied around her, many of them bringing Bailey flowers. She used the empty hours of her healing process to capture those arrangements. She used her phone for her early floral photography but soon began experimenting with different editing software and photography techniques. Within a couple of years, she had an agent and an established website through which she sold her prints. And all of this was just the start.

Floral wallpaper gets a kaleidoscopic twist in Bailey’s new line. Image: AWB

Blanket your walls in moody florals

Today, Bailey’s work is displayed around the world. She has nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram. But perhaps her biggest artistic milestone – or, at least, the one on the biggest scale – comes with the release of her wallpaper line.

When people first asked Bailey if she would consider creating wallpaper, her immediate reaction was “no.” She couldn’t picture her images blown up to the scale where they could cover an entire wall. But after being contacted by an experienced wallpaper designer, the vision to bring Bailey’s moody florals to walls across America started to come to life.

Today, she has a full line of wallpaper available in her online shop. Some, like the Dewalt, hearken back to the floral wallpapers of old. Some, like the Storm or Xanadu, invite us to peek into the past through a kaleidoscope. Into the Garden looks almost hand-drawn in its sweetness, while Montgomery‘s hyper-realism brings the garden straight to you. In short, Bailey’s wallpaper line has something for everyone. Her online shop is well worth a visit.

You can grab Ashley Woodson Bailey collaboration pieces from CB2. Image: CB2

Grab more Ashley Woodson Bailey goods

Don’t eschew Bailey’s store just because you’re not hunting for the perfect wallpaper. She has a full range of goods, from prints to fabrics to acrylic trays that can give your coffee table an upgrade. If you’re a fan of florals but haven’t wanted to compromise your modern design sensibilities, you won’t want to miss your chance to shop Bailey’s collections.

She’s expanded beyond her own shop, too. CB2 has partnered with Bailey to bring her art to the masses. Grab a throw pillow or curtain panels to give any space a shot of moody floral feels.

What do you think? Will you bring some of Ashley Woodson Bailey’s art into your home? Is her wallpaper collection enough to finally help you settle the wallpaper vs. paint debate? Let us know in the comments!