This lovely apartment in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden showcases an inspiring design and a playful layout. As listed on real estate broker Alvhem‘s website, the 791-square-foot crib takes up the upper two levels of a historic house that dates back to 1873. A living room ceiling height of 9.85 feet, a rustic brick wall in the bedroom and exposed wooden beams are just a few of our favorite features in this space.

Beginning in the entryway, a black and white color scheme with wood accents make the dwelling feel airy and inviting. The kitchen provides a soft and rustic ambiance, with a generously-sized wood dining table as the focal point of this room.

The living area is peacefully located overlooking an inner garden. Two chairs, a sofa and a variety of decorative pillows make this contemporary corner perfect for a tea break with friends.

Up the stairs is a versatile space, where a small desk allows for an improvised work zone while being able to keep an eye on what’s cooking in the kitchen. Located behind the staircase, the bedroom is arguably the most captivating interior of the apartment. There is ample space for a double bed, large dresser, and cozy reading area. A skylight brings light to the white-painted and plastered walls and parquet in oak. The brick accent wall serves as storage and gives additional character to the room.