Poland-based Studio 3XA completed the design of a small duplex apartment in the lovely city of Wrocław, in the up-and-coming Nadodrze district. The 914 square-foot space consists of a three-bedroom, two-bathroom division that includes a work area and an open kitchen and dining space.

This stylish home exhibits a series of ingenious storage units and multi-purpose furniture solutions that make it extremely flexible. A plywood stairway in the middle unveils a built-in refrigerator, chest of drawers and small utility room. This way, all the clutter in the living area can be easily removed from sight.

A harmonious design makes the place highly appealing. “Elements were deliberately kept light and neutral, with white serving as the dominant color for the resin floors, walls and various furnishings,” the designers said. “Simplicity was highlighted with the use of plywood that provided a degree of warmth and served as a uniting motif throughout the apartment – functional yet decorative.”

The bold, black lighting fixtures complement the unobtrusive ceiling lights, resulting in a flexible lighting scheme. A modern outdoor terrace adds to the cozy feel of this Polish duplex. Photography: Stanisław Zajączkowski