Ganna Design completed the development of a contemporary-eclectic private home located in Taipei City, Taiwan. Entitled “At Will”, the project makes use of vantage city views, its design combining rough and fine details, maybe a tribute to the ups and downs of urban life. The ceiling in exposed cement has been preserved and considered the starting point for the original design scheme. Generously-sized windows allow good views of the skyline from various parts of the house and an optimum amount of natural illumination.

The open-plan kitchen, dining and living area is characterized by powerful visual contrasts: “Through native qualities of cement, the designers develop the tone of colors, decoration, and furniture. By integrating classical elements and connecting them with the white background, the cement-polished stands out and and creates original effects”. A blue kitchen island increases interaction between family members and is deliberately divided into two parts: the side facing the cabinet is used for cooking light meals, while the opposite one facing the living room is employed as a dining area or a bar for recreation. Inspired by Lego pieces, the sofa system allows users to arrange modular units according to their daily activities. [Photos by: Siew Shien Sam / MWphotoinc]